Hey AA, Yuki here and also welcome to another art review. Today I will certainly talk around a Manhwa called can"t see can"t hear however love. I haven"t review a many Manhwa simply yet, and I know that there are many great Manhwa with amazing illustrations and stories. This is just one of these stories that I uncovered randomly, read the very first chapter then i couldn"t put it down.

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Type: Manhwa

Volumes: 6

Chapters: 83

Status: Finished

Published: Oct 18, 2010 to Aug 22, 2011

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, part of Life, Seinen

Authors: Go, Yeong-Hun


The story

A same warning this Manhwa will make you cry (maybe), ns did not commonly cry once reading manga or Manhwa yet this is the 2nd story that i did.

The plot is around a love story, about a webtoon artist that loses his eyesight due to his job. He struggles to salary the receipt while caring because that his only family, a mother who never ever approved of his life decisions and who currently is sick from serious dementia. He likewise harbors a very distressing secret.

A deaf woman who drops in love with the artist"s webtoon, and also then with the artist. She is a hearing disabled orphaned janitor. She has a love of gold and only wishes to live the end the rest of she days with the boy she loves however, plenty of obstacle come they way to tear lock apart.


The main theme of this story is exactly how the 2 main personalities So Ri and Geun Soo attend to they disabilities. And, how they conquer it with they everyday life. Regardless of the hardship they shot to uncover happiness in they relationship. Ns applause this webtoon because that sharing such strong human emotions that lugged me to tears.


The Manhwa doesn"t have actually many characters other climate the two key characters; there room only four other supporting characters. Through the way, the 119 emergency man in mine opinion is the best character. And, every one of them have actually they very own sad backstory, even the cat and also dog!!



From an imaginative perspective, the art format comparing come the story is not the an extremely best. Yeong-Hun tells a beautiful story yet if I have to criticise this webtoon, I would certainly pick the art. It is not bad but it can have to be better. Transparent the story, the personalities are drawn in chibi form most that the time, which can be stroked nerves or unpleasant to some of the reads at first.

As friend may understand most Manhwa are in colour. The colour and art walk hand in hand with the writing, i beg your pardon brings the end the emotions in the story. In simple moments where the personalities are happy, the author usually draws them in chibi form; come portray the article of how in our daily lives we can find basic and small things to make united state happy. Below the writer uses calm, happy and also bright colours v a warmth background.

While, in the story where it entails remarkable emotions, the art alters into a more serious version. Right here the author uses a messy black color background to display the emotions and the chaos of the character.

On the other hand, the backgrounds are so simple. Most of the time it"s simply a color or sample background with some objects and sometimes it is just plain white. The face expressions because that the personalities are well drawn and recognizable. Even thought, the arts lacks in detail, you can clearly recognize the happiness, sadness and angry in his characters.

The author’s characters architecture are likewise pretty an easy just favor the backgrounds. However, every character has they distinct style and also personality. Yeong-Hun walk a good job with developing his characters.

all at once

Seriously, this is a beautiful story. It provided me a comparable atmosphere once I read the quiet voice. It shows how human relationships are important; and the beauty of exactly how we all deserve to depend on every other. Although, the drawing lacks detail, the story fills in the gaps.

Yes the a bittersweet a tragic but I won’t speak to it boring (will that might), that is an ext of a tearjerker. What ns love about this manhwa is, that it"s able to showcase humor and a sweet story along with sadness thing after chapter. Ns loved all background story on each and also every character, the plotting and pacing is incredible.

Best of every this manwha do me cry. From start to end up it had me laughing and also crying ( nope, i lied I just cried twice, simply for the record). I would love to recognize if anyone that read this manhwa and also did no cry!! girlfriend heartless… just kidding… but seriously i would prefer to know.

Thank you because that reading. Until next time~ ^^

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What"s the definition at the last image of the TPL?

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It doesn"t have actually a meaning, the just due to the fact that she deaf, she can"t yes, really talk, therefore she make sounds.

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