There's one settle you can try that have to work, and there are a few other points you deserve to attempt as well.

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If you use a messaging application on your Android phone, you might run into a common issue wherein messaging no longer works. Thankfully, this type of difficulty can generally be solved quickly as well. This is what to execute to deal with the difficulty if messaging all of sudden stops on her Android smartphone.


How to solve messaging on your Android phone

Here’s one big possible solution to the problem.

Go right into your house screen and then tap top top the Settings menu.Scroll down and also then tap ~ above the Apps selection.Then scroll down to the Message app in the menu and tap ~ above itThen tap ~ above the Storage selection.You need to see two alternatives at the bottom: Clear data and also Clear cache. Tap ~ above both.

Other possible ways to fix messaging on your Android phone

If the solution over doesn’t resolve the problems with messaging. There room a few more points you can try:

Restart your phone

Yes, we understand this is the “Did you rotate it off and also then rotate it ~ above again” solution. However, periodically the cliche does work. Try it and also see if it might fix the problem.

Delete some recently mounted third-party apps

Believe the or not, sometimes downloading and install an application can chaos up the workings of other apps on your phone. If you recently downloaded and installed a new app, and also messaging does no work, deleting the third-party application might it is in the solution.

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Factory reset her phone

As a critical resort, you have the right to reset your smartphone ago to the conditions that it had when it first launched. That a bit annoying, so certainly wait till you have actually tried every little thing else before you attempt this.