HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — that is one off-year election on Tuesday, meaning there is no race for president, yet there is quiet a substantial race on the ballot. A state supreme Court seat is up for grabs, and the contenders room Republican Kevin Brobson and Democrat Maria McLaughlin.

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Kevin Brobson resides with his household in Harrisburg. That is president judge of the commonwealth Court and is very recommended through the Pennsylvania Bar. He claims he assures to uphold the law, no make it.

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Maria McLaughlin is native Philadelphia. She is at this time on the superior Court, and she started her legit career as an assistant district attorney in Philly. She as well is very recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Of course, both candidates insist they are the many qualified for the job.

“He’s already acknowledged he’s never done household law, he’s never ever done criminal law, he’s never been a prosecutor. These things space at the supreme Court every day, and also I think when you don’t have knowledge of the law, how have the right to you be an ext qualified?” McLaughlin said.

“I have actually spent a job — 13 years in exclusive practice, 12 years together an appellate referee — handling instances that impact most Pennsylvanians together a republic Court judge, and the supreme Court doesn’t have that experience. I would include that new experience, that brand-new perspective, that fresh watch to the supreme Court and also not duplicate the experience that’s currently there,” Brobson said.

Right now the Pennsylvania supreme Court is 5-2 Democrats, but the open seat is Republican, for this reason the GOP demands to win to store the court in ~ 5-2. Otherwise, it would certainly be a 6-1 Democrat majority.

Police searching for previous police officer that abducted kids along with possible accomplice

by Daniel Hamburg / Nov 17, 2021

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) -- York Area regional Police room still ~ above the hunt for Robert Vicosa, that they to speak abducted his two daughters. They"re additionally looking for Tia Bynum, Vicosa"s long-time friend and also former co-worker through the Baltimore county Police Department.

Wednesday afternoon, police were looking through Bynum"s house in Windsor Township.

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Last human known to have actually seen Robert Vicosa and also his 2 abducted daughters discusses encounter

by Avery valve Etten, Seth Kaplan / Nov 17, 2021
RED LION, Pa. (WHTM) -- Investigators to speak Robert Vicosa, the guy wanted for abducting his two young daughters, attacked his estranged wife in Windsor Township and fled through his daughters Aaminah and also Giana Vicosa. Vicosa"s wife is not the last human known to have been with him and also his daughters, though; that human being is Barb Humer, and she spoke v elafilador.net around her experience.

Police have been warning people not to strategy Vicosa, however Humer, who stays in Red Lion, didn"t have actually a an option because, she said, he approached her. She claimed Vicosa come out of her camper wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist -- a towel due to the fact that police to speak he ran the automobile he was driving into the canal on Humer"s building -- and pointed a gun at her.