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Since 1930. Serving Tarzana, woodland Hills, Reseda and the entire Warner Center.

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Celebrate the Holidays by viewing Spectacular holiday Light Displays

Candy Cane lane is a team of master at Lubao & Oxnard streets inWoodland Hills who collectively decide annually to placed on an exceptional holiday displayof lights and decorations.There is no contact information for liquid Cane Lane,as that is casual decision that homeowners. Together a business to ours community, below is theinformation the West Valley~Warner center Chamber of business is able come provide.

Information:For 2020~ 6 pm - 10 PM until Christmas. Drive through only.

It's situated at the intersection of Lubao and also Oxnard roadways (by Pierce Collage) in backwoods Hills. Human being drive gradually down the street with their headlights dimmed so that everyone deserve to enjoy the lights. The closest leave is Winnetka, off of the 101 freeway.

**Residents ask that travellers drive by no later on than 10pm on weeknightsand 11pm on weekends. Countless residents turn off their lights after thistime come discourage viewing.**


From the 101 freeway in the West part of the mountain Fernando valley in woodland Hillsexit in ~ Winnetka Avenue.Drive phibìc on Winnetka Ave, once just throughout from Pierce junior College revolve righton Oxnard Street. If over there is a traffic jam try parking and walk.

Candy Cane Lane has been a heritage in forest Hills since 1952 and the residentshave tried come outdo each other with their light screens each year. Santa has been seenposing because that photos through children and some the Santa's elves have been viewed roaming.

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Candy Cane Lane holiday Lights

Woodland Hills (Lubao Avenue and Oxnard Street) -An eight square-block area inWoodland Hills isannually transformed right into Candy Cane Lane through a celebrationof ligts, figures and artificial snow.