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Candy corn hasn't constantly been well-known by the very same nameCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

What was candy corn initially called?

According to, candy corn to be originally recognized as chicken feed.

At the moment of that invention, corn wasn't have to a well-known food among humans - it was mainly used as food for farm animals.

The initial box featured a rooster, and also contained the indigenous "Something worth crowing for."

This readjusted following world War I, as soon as corn became an ext popularized for human consumption.

When farmers comprised over half of the American job force, agriculture-themed candies became increasingly popular.

Many candies were made in shapes of pumpkins, chestnuts, and also turnips, amongst others.

Around the 1940s, once trick-or-treating began to gain popularity, people began calling the act by its present name, liquid corn.





When was liquid corn invented?

Sometime in the 1880s, George Renninger, an employee in ~ Wunderle Candy agency in Philadelphia, developed the sweet treat.

In 1898, the Goelitz Candy firm - now well-known as Jelly ship Candy agency - started selling their take on the recipe, specify name the candy chicken feed.

Although Wunderle to be the first company to sell candy corn, Goelitz lugged it to the masses. They space the longest-standing sellers of liquid corn in history, and still usage the initial recipe.

Candy corn is a well-known Halloween treatCredit: Getty photos - Getty

What is candy corn make of?

The recipe for liquid corn is fairly simple: sugar, corn syrup, salt, sesame oil, honey, synthetic flavor, and also food colorings.

The tri-layered treat also contains gelatin and confectioner's glaze, which provides them not vegan-friendly.

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Candy corn is meant to taste prefer honey, sugar, butter, and also vanilla.

The candy has three colors: yellow, orange, and white. This colors stand for the fall harvest, and resemble corn ~ above the cob.

How much candy corn is offered each year?

According to the nationwide Confectioners Association, an approximated 35million pounds of candy corn are marketed each year.

This comes out to be around 9billion kernels of liquid corn developed annually.

October 30 has been named National candy Corn Day, with majority of that is sales coming approximately Halloween.