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Kandi Burruss is booked and busy, with no plans to provide up her spot top top The actual Housewives the Atlanta. Speculation surfaced after ~ season 13"send earlier this year that the longtime star of the Bravo hit can be all set to hand in she peach after much more than a decade as a "Wife, yet Kandi claims her time is not up yet.

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“You know what, it"s for this reason funny, people ask me that question -- they ask me the question, "Do I ever before think about... Is it mine time to do a move?" or, "Is it mine time to go?"" Kandi tells ET over video clip chat, explaining the source of these recent rumors. "And i said, "Yes,"and then all of a sudden, it was every these headlines: "Kandi"s leaving"or, "Kandi"s thinking about leaving," and also no, it"s no that i was leaving, or i was thinking about leaving, it"s just a simple fact that as soon as you are doing something for so long, you certainly have to be like, OK, am I an alleged to go? you hear so many world say, "I"m bigger than truth TV," and also things favor that. Yet the point of fact TV is to record someone"s reality. Someone who"s open to display their reality. I am that."

"I am open to show my reality, and also I expect that civilization want to see human being do good things and it doesn"t have to constantly be craziness, or drama, you know what i mean?"she continues. "So, I setup to proceed to do good things, that"s my score in life. I have actually so plenty of dreams -- and also so numerous things the I desire to carry out -- and also if Bravo desires to proceed to catch that, then I"m all for it."

Kandi’s recent dream realized is ending up being a Broadway producer, working behind the scenes on the history-making play Thoughts of a fancy Man, the an initial production in Broadway history to feature an all-Black, masculine cast and also an all-Black an imaginative team. The show opens this October, which would possibly line up with filming RHOA"s 14th season. Kandi teases the cameras will certainly "more than likely"document her work-related on the great White Way.

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"I can"t really provide you any type of dates on what"s happening through Housewives, obviously, they never permit you to announce anything, yet they"re still placing it together,"she says. "What they"ve currently announced, and also what I can talk about is our present for Old Lady Gang, mine restaurant, is actually beginning filming soon, and it will be comes in the fall, this year."

While some have contrasted the OLG show to one more Bravo collection set in the restaurant world, Lisa Vanderpump"s Vanderpump Rules, Kandi states fans shouldn’t expect a copycat.

"I think the similarity is that she has restaurants, I have actually restaurants, and we"re both Housewives. OK, great. I think that"s wherein the similarity stop,"Kandi quips. "You absolutely will obtain to understand some the the people that actually occupational at the restaurant. Some world may or may not know, ns do have some household members that you might not have gotten a possibility to understand from Real Housewives the do occupational at the restaurant, therefore you"ll most likely see several of them. You"re going to see few of the civilization that... Listen, we have actually some spicy civilization at work-related at OLG. Several of them are method more amazing than me, so ns cannot wait because that you to obtain to satisfy them."

Kandi claims she, she husband, Todd Tucker, and the ladies who consist of the restaurant’s namesake -- Kandi"s mother, Joyce, and also Joyce"s sisters -- will also be heavily featured top top the soon-to-shoot series.

"They"re going to come through, for real," Kandi says of every the actors members the viewers will fulfill on the OLG show. As for the cast on her various other show, Kandi says she has actually no idea who will comprise the season 14 lineup. In addition to (now debunked) rumors that Kandi"s exit, there"s numerous online chatter than a veteran the the series, favor Sheree Whitfield, Kim Zolciak Biermann or Phaedra Parks, might return to RHOA.

"You know, lock don"t yes, really tell united state stuff," Kandi admits. "I mean, they perform ask us, carry out we have any type of friends that may be interesting? and they execute interview different human being that we room personally linked to or have actually relationships with. So, once you say maybe brand-new people, I would know more about that 보다 necessarily, like, one OG. Lock won"t have to tell united state if they"re bringing an OG. A many times in the past once they carried OGs on, us were surprised. That person just popped up and was like, ‘Oh!’ uneven that human being tells you."

Kandi says she"d "hope"to acquire a heads up if Phaedra ever returns. The previous friends dropped out hard during Phaedra"s critical season on the show, season 9, after it was revealed that the attorney/mortician spread damaging lies around Kandi wanting to medicine co-star Porsha Williams and also bring she to a non-existent "sex dungeon."

It"s safe to i think Porsha will certainly be earlier for season 14, and also with many of personal story of her own to share. ~ season 13 wrapped, Porsha revealed she was involved to business man Simon Guobadia, who appeared on current episodes together the husband the Falynn Guobadia, a woman presented to the audience as "Porsha"s friend." Porsha has because claimed Falynn was never ever her friend, and while some viewers were hoping to view Falynn return to the show to face Porsha top top camera and also hash the end the details of how Simon moved from one mrs to the other, Falynn said on Instagram end the weekend that she has actually no plans to go back to the show. The likely method she won"t popular music up ~ above Porsha"s soon-to-film spinoff, either.

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"I would certainly think you men would probably watch that first and check out what plays the end on the one to check out what go on in her personal life,"Kandi teases. For now, the GRAMMY winner is concentrating on herself and also her own pursuits."I love being a component of a "first,"meaning -- and I"m not trying come toot my own horn or noþeles -- say for instance, the first woman to win the songwriter that the year because that ASCAP, or the an initial Black woman, or an initial woman, to win The masked Singer, or the very first this or the very first that,"she says. "So countless times people say, "Oh, this is the very first Black person that to be able to perform that," or, "the very first Black civilization that were able to do this…"I will certainly be happy once it"s a normal thing, and it"s not necessarily always have to it is in the first. But with the being said, i am so proud come be among the producers of the first, all-Black, african American-starring cast to ever display on Broadway. And also it"s amazing to it is in a part of that. And also I can not wait to see it flourish. Ns can"t wait come see world enjoy it. And just to recognize that, OK, do your thing. Broadway, hey! You gained to make it a little bit much more spicy, and also fun."

Thoughts of a colored Man starts previews ~ above Oct. 1, with opening night set for Oct. 31 at Broadway’s golden Theatre. Ticket are obtainable now.RELATED CONTENT:

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