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Canelo may have forgotten his notebook at home, but class to be still in session: in the super welterweight bout, the undefeated veteran Mayweather teach Alvarez a great in fighting a damn near perfect fight.

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The technically sound Mayweather did every little thing a fighter can do well in a bout. He kept his enemy off-balance, he was perfect defensively and he time his jab and counter punches perfectly.

Some of the was on Canelo, as he didn"t have the crisp stuff the we watch now. He didn"t box much then, the didn"t seem to have a heavy strategy and he was out-landed through Mayweather through a large margin.

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According to Compubox, it to be utter domination: Mayweather landed 46 percent that his full punches, as opposed to Alvarez, that landed simply 22 percent. Mayweather jabs landed 42 percent of the time while Alvarez scored just 15 percent the jabs thrown.

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The numbers resulted in a (nonsensical) bulk decision in favor of "Money" Mayweather for the first and just loss ~ above Canelo"s record.

Judge CJ Ross — in among the most embarrassing screens of judging the boxing has ever seen — score the hit a attract (114-114), while referee Craig Metcalfe score the bout 117-111 and judge Dave Moretti notched a 116-112 score, both in favor of Mayweather.

Before Canelo vs. Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin, i beg your pardon Alvarez himself told Sporting News will be "much bigger" than his fight with Mayweather, us take a look earlier and score the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight (with full video clip below).

Canelo vs. Mayweather results

Round 1 to Mayweather (10-9, 1-0 Mayweather):

Surprisingly, Mayweather came out on the offensive and pushed forward, something that fight pan were unaccustomed come seeing. Mayweather likely knew the Alvarez"s early setup was to really attack the body, and took away his strategy. That deserve to be soaking up junction of the veteran Mayweather wanting to rattle and intimidate the younger Alvarez.

Canelo likewise came right into this fight really looking together the substantially larger fighter, together he looked to have 10-15 pounds on Mayweather.

It was the typical feeling-out round with Mayweather unable to uncover the distance on his punches, while Alvarez seemed pretty sharp defensively. 

Still, round goes to Mayweather for landing a few more shots and also taking regulate of the ring midway through.

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Round 2 to Mayweather (10-9, 2-0 Mayweather):

Mayweather was a small bit less energetic with his feet in this round, as he was still do the efforts to discover the street on his offense.

Alvarez tried to pressure the issue, close up door the distance on Mayweather, yet doesn"t litter a lot of punches. The looked prefer Alvarez was trying to bait Mayweather into throwing more (not a heavy strategy, to it is in honest).

Mayweather seems wake up to throw, and also his defense is tho sharp. He"s prototypical Mayweather fast tonight.

Round 3 to Mayweather (10-9, 3-0 Mayweather):

Mayweather starts to pepper Canelo through the jab in a bit more, connecting top top 20 percent higher rate 보다 Canelo is to this allude in the fight.

Alvarez seemed very interested in boxing Mayweather, i beg your pardon (again) doesn"t seem choose the finest strategy, considering he"s fighting arguably the best boxer the this generation.

Mayweather is simply too fast in-and-out because that Alvarez to land any kind of kind of significant counter punch, and also he"s too rapid to retreat right into his defense to permit any kind of respond to punch come land flushly.

A very close round, however it goes come Mayweather. Alvarez simply isn"t busy sufficient yet in the fight.

Round 4 come Mayweather (10-9, 4-0 Mayweather):

Things start to gain chippy in this round, with Alvarez hitting Mayweather ~ above the thigh coming the end of a break. Mayweather goes come touch gloves with Alvarez coming out of the corner, however Canelo wants none the it. The disrespect! (Or absence of intimidation.)

Replays proved that throughout that hold, Mayweather pressed his glove into Canelo"s face, i beg your pardon Alvarez didn"t seem also pleased with.

Alvarez"s punches simply aren"t crisp: they"re really loopy and wide, and absent wildly. Seems unwise.

Alvarez verified fight in this round, yet it wasn"t enough, no yet. Mayweather still shells up defensively and too quick with the jab to give Alvarez any good windows.

Round 5 to Mayweather (10-9, 5-0 Mayweather):

This was the round the Mayweather started to yes, really showcase his ability.

His defense is as well good. That rolled out the Alvarez"s punches consistently, and also in the very same motion, litter punches of his own, and also with some juice on them.

Canelo verified some an ext signs in this round however it"s still difficult to see how he"s walking to number out Mayweather. 

Watching Canelo, it seems that he to be a bit scared throw some really hefty punches. The left hook isn"t there, partially because it"s no accurate, however mostly since Mayweather sees that coming and bobs and weaves out of the way.

Round 6 to Alvarez (10-9, 5-1 Mayweather): 

Alvarez isn"t intimidated through Mayweather, hitting him with a shoulder coming the end of a break (Alvarez wasn"t pleased through Mayweather throwing part kidney shots in that same hold). 

Canelo stable in a little more, letting his hands walk a little more, too. Alvarez trying to land some lefts but Mayweather sees it all coming and ducks and also rolls the end of the means consistently, still.

Alvarez"s work-related in this round winner it for him, yet it was still Mayweather"s fight come lose.

Round 7 come Mayweather (10-9, 6-1 Mayweather): 

With under a minute left, Mayweather held Alvarez ~ above the ropes and landed a couple of 1-2 combine up top. Canelo come fighting back, but it wasn"t enough to counteract the Mayweather flurry native earlier.

In the exchange, that looked prefer he was trying to bait Mayweather right into a large counter punch. He threw one with heavy steam coming off the ropes, yet it simply missed the mark.

Truthfully, Mayweather looked unchallenged. It"s a finish domination.

Round 8 come Mayweather (10-9, 7-1 Mayweather): 

Alvarez is make the efforts to force Mayweather to the ropes and it"s simply not happening. Just when Mayweather is a step or 2 away, Mayweather counters and pivots, continuing to be in the middle of the ring and also away native the ropes.

At one point in the round, through Mayweather backed against the ropes, he rolled the end of one Alvarez combination and transitioned automatically into a straight right hand.

Alvarez was simply too environment-friendly — and hadn"t yes, really fought countless of note to this suggest — to take on the perfect technician that is Mayweather.

Round 9 to Alvarez (10-9, 7-2 Mayweather): 

Alvarez operated hard in ths round and landed some an excellent shots. Mayweather is a bit less active, probably learning he has actually the hit in the bag by rounds.

Mayweather go land a substantial right, but Alvarez shook it off and finished the round.

Good work from Alvarez, but he"ll require a knockout to victory the fight.

Round 10 come Alvarez (10-9, 7-3 Mayweather):

Alvarez walked forward with his hands down. He looked very tired. Perhaps he to be trying to bait Mayweather right into a counter punch, or perhaps his inexperience in the ring through elite fighters organized him back.

Mayweather circled approximately from the ropes incredibly well, and also kept pot-shotting Alvarez through the jab, scoring points and snapping Alvarez"s head earlier in the process.

Round goes to Alvarez, but it"s really close.

Round 11 come Mayweather (10-9, 8-3 Mayweather):

Good for Alvarez to store trying come walk under Mayweather, understanding he needs a knockout come win, also though that seemed unlikely.

Alvarez"s jab just hasn"t to be there. Top top the contrary, Mayweather"s has been there every fight long.

Canelo didn"t try and work the body sufficient throughout the fight. Granted, not a really basic thing come do against a fighter as rapid as Mayweather, yet his lack of commitment come it is pretty astounding.

Round 12 to Alvarez (10-9, 8-4 Mayweather):

Alvarez to be busier this round, and also he winner it, but it really wasn"t that close of a fight as the rounds and also scorecards indicate.

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Looking in ~ the fight again, the was basic 116-112 win for Mayweather. 

Mayweather play it a tiny bit more secure in the later rounds, learning he had actually the fight won and that Alvarez wasn"t much of a match. Still, it to be a stepping stone fight because that Alvarez, who has actually never stepped into the ring through a fighter the caliber that Mayweather.