If friend were simply as devasted together us as soon as your favorite TV display ‘Friends‘ bid adieu come Netflix in ~ the end of 2019, get ready come jump for joy. The old-but-gold standard involving the intertwined lives of six young adults making that in new York has uncovered its way back on to the streaming servers!

All the 10 seasons of ‘Friends’ room now easily accessible for friend on the newly introduced HBO Max streaming organization to allow you binge on to your heart’s content. And also you may already have HBO Max because that free. Can we be any type of happier?

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Where can I watch ‘Friends’?

Now streaming on HBO Max! pic.twitter.com/F0vysgU6OF

— girlfriend (
FriendsTV) may 29, 2020

You deserve to now clock ‘Friends’ TV show on HBO Max app. In instance it doesn’t display up in suggested titles, you deserve to simply find for it. Else, click this attach to open the friend listing top top hbomax.com.

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When ‘Friends’ was collection to leave Netflix in December 2019, a gigantic bidding war ensued, which finally finished with HBO winning the legal rights to stream the lover TV show for a whopping $425 million. ‘Friends’ has been set to function in WarnerMedia’s brand-new streaming organization ‘HBO Max‘ that freshly dropped on might 27, 2020.

If you to be wondering what happened to the ”Friends’ reunion’ distinct that was promised v the beginning of HBO Max, you’re not alone. If originally collection to function on the launch date of the new streaming service, WarnerMedia has assured us that we should be seeing the reunion sometime later on this year (once production dwellings can reopen).

But for now, us are an ext than yes rewatching our favourite TV present on HBO Max! 

HBO Max has actually launched v a price tag of $14.99/month, placing slightly above its rivals like Netflix and Amazon prime Video.

► just how to acquire HBO Max on: Hulu | YouTube TV

Can i watch ‘Friends’ on mine phone?


Yes, girlfriend absolutely can!

HBO Max has been made accessible for Android and iOS devices through its devoted app accessible for download with their particular stores. Merely download the app on your maker and produce an account.

There are different sign-in options available. If you would favor to authorize in v a company provider, select the ‘Sign in through TV or cell phone provider’ option, then pick the provider to sign in with.

Download HBO Max: Android | iOS

Can ns stream ‘Friends’ on mine TV?


Launched v the tagline ‘Where HBO meets so lot more’, we are here to tell you, that that includes your TV too! The HBO Max app is accessible on several gadgets including Android TVs, apologize TVs, Samsung smart TVs, and also even Chromecast and Chromecast integrated devices!

► how to sideload HBO Max on one Android TV

Additionally, consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have additionally been offered their own devoted app. The HBO Max app is easily accessible for download from any kind of of the devoted app stores. Merely search because that ‘HBO Max’ and download the application to her device.

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Can i watch ‘Friends’ top top Roku?


With over 30 million subscribers in the U.S., Roku is one of the most renowned streaming services. However, this users space left unsatisfied, together AT&T is however to to win a deal with Roku to permit the last to stream its content. Also if you sign up for HBO Max, you will certainly not be able to access the app on your Roku interface.

However, together always, there is a workaround! despite the official application is not available on her Roku interface, you can still watch her favorite show on your TV. Examine out our short article below to learn more.

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► how to clock HBO Max ~ above Roku

Can i watch ‘Friends’ top top Fire Stick?

Similar come Roku, AT&T has yet come strike a resolve Amazon, to enable streaming through its Fire pole interface. However, over there is tho hope! You have the right to sideload HBO Max on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick making use of the APK file of HBO Max application for Android TV devices, i beg your pardon the Fire TV and Fire pole are.

► exactly how to download HBO Max app on Fire Stick

We hope this post helped you gain the HBO Max app on your device. When you have the app, all that’s left is to set up your account, and then binge-watch ‘Friends’ to her heart’s content!