It was wonderful to see so many of friend this past Sunday in ~ the louis Brown athletic Center! because that those who might not be there, and also for those who desire to clock themselves again, you deserve to now check out the solemn event on our YouTube channel.

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The celebration for the institution of Communication and also Information will be the afternoon the Sunday, October 24.

Graduates should arrive by 1:30 p.m., and the solemn event will begin at 2:30 p.m., in ~ the Athletic facility (the RAC), Livingston Campus, Piscataway.

Our celebration will be brief on speeches and also focus ~ above recognizing our graduating student individually.

To learn around all that the other occasions happening over the weekend of October 21 to 25, visit

The registration Deadline is currently Closed. If you did no register and also want come attend, please email graduation

You are eligible to participate if:

You to be an undergraduate who had actually a SC&I major and friend graduated between October 2019 and also August 2021You were a master’s or doctoral student who graduated in between October 2019 and August 2021Bringing guests

Graduates who have registered are able to bring guests come the event. We will not be requiring tickets for guests..

Everyone can watch girlfriend via Livestream

Our celebration will be livestreamed for this reason anyone can watch.

Masks, distancing, and also Covid protocols

We will certainly be adhering to all state and also university safety guidelines during this event. Everyone have to wear a mask, so be sure to lug yours and have your guests carry theirs. As soon as we speak to your name and you will walk throughout the stage, you will be able to take off her mask. There will be no hand shiver on stage, but we expect what we have planned will certainly be fun.

Important various other logistics in ~ the RAC

Please limit the bags you and also your guests lug to the event. There will be security to acquire in, and all bags will certainly be checked.

No food or refreshments will certainly be available in the RAC during the event.


If you desire to stay regalia come this event, great. If you favor not come wear regalia, we ask girlfriend to dress in organization attire to overcome the stage.

Professional Photography

A photographer will take picture of everyone that walks throughout the stage. The vendor, Island Photography, will email you soon after the celebration through a attach so you deserve to review and purchase your photos. Or, click below to it is registered in breakthrough to watch your photo gallery. Friend can get in your very own email and also up to six emails that family and also friends through whom you would choose to share your photos. Images will it is in posted within 72 hours of the celebration. Acquisition is optional, the course. For concerns and more information, call Island Photography:



The RAC is accessible so everyone have the right to enjoy the event.

If you room a graduate through an ease of access issue, please call Associate Dean Karen Novick.


As you method the RAC from Suttons roadway or avenue E, parking air hostess will straight you to nearby parking.

Handicapped parking is obtainable in the Green and also Yellow Lots. There space handicapped spaces in the environment-friendly Lot alongside the RAC and also a ramp come walk under to the arena. Girlfriend can likewise drop off guests in the one in front of the RAC if necessary, yet the driver will then have to go park the car.

Graduation programs from 2020 and also 2021

Click right here to check out the published program that was mailed residence to the course of 2020.

Click right here to see the printed program the was mailed home to the class of 2021.

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Love come hear the motivating speeches? Watch our online graduation indigenous May. 

The digital graduation website from might 2021 is tho live so you can watch and re-watch our graduation ceremonies including remarks from college student speakers, deans, and also faculty.

Other October Celebrations at elafilador.netof interest to SC&I graduates

Details around all events being held in October have the right to be found at

Other events of interest to SC&I students include:

Doctoral hooding ceremony, October 21, at 10:00amSchool the Arts and Sciences, multiple events through the weekendOld majesties Welcome Reception, October 22, 5:00pmHonors College, October 23, 2:00pmOpen house at the Alumni residence at Van colony Hall, October 24, 11:00am come 4:00pm