Other Ideas: Boston Pizza Tours; flexibility Trail Tours; Fenway Park Tours; Old State house Museum; Duck watercrafts Boston ToursFor the tour with the many crunch, girlfriend can"t beat The Cape ko Potato Chip Factory. Indigenous a glass-enclosed corridor, clock chip machines at occupational as they change the lowly spud right into America"s favourite snack. The manufacturing facility is among the area"s top tourist destinations, with much more than 250,000 travellers annually. Tourists will learn just how these legend chips room made begin to finish, from regional farmers" areas to her table. To add you"ll get a delightful complimentary sample bag at the finish of the self-guided tour.If friend can"t make it to the Cape or if you simply want come learn around Cape cod Potato Chips, shot taking the virtual tour on your website.

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Tour Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. Come 5:00 p.m.Closed Weekends and also Holidays.



100 Breed"s Hill Road, Hyannis, MA, 02601 mapPhone: 508- 775-3358
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The tour only lasts about 15 minutes, so take into consideration complimenting this tourism with watercraft watching through Hyannis Harbor, a pilgrimage to the coast or a stroll down key street to take in some of the fun shops in Hyannis. Naturally, it it s okay super crowded on merganser days, so try to go early.

Great Chips

The Robussut Russett space the best - no doubt. Can"t uncover a many down right here in Shreveport Louisiana.

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I have actually been below before. It to be cool. I got to view the potato chips the were being made, yet today when I visited they were not processing any type of chips because they to be doing maintenance. The good thing to be that us still got to sample chips that were currently made and read the signs around how chips are made.
Info changes frequently. Us cannot warrant it. Verify through Cape ko Potato Chip Factory before making the trek. If you uncover an error, please report it...
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