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Cape Coral publicly Records

Cape Coral Arrest, Court, and also Public Records

What room Cape Coral publicly Records?

Cape Coral windy records, follow to the Sunshine Law, encompass documents created or acquired pursuant to legislation or ordinance or pertaining come the transaction of any agency’s official business. The physics form, characteristics, or method of transmission are not relevant. Cape Coral public records may be documents, letters, books, or maps. They may also be software application for data processing, sound recordings, tapes, films, or images. Some exceptions to what is thought about public record includes:

Details and also information on firm management, investigation, personnel;Sensitive and also confidential information;Security and also fire safety;Information that violates one individual’s privacyOther species of personal information.

In addition, accessibility to such files can additionally be minimal where over there is a regulation exempting the disclosure that the document to the basic public.

Cape Coral Crime Statistics

The Uniform Crime reporting (UCR) routine of the federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) provides official crime data of every cities, counties, and also states ~ above an annual basis. In 2019, Cape Coral to be reported to have experienced a total number of 2,402 crimes. This includes 226 violent crimes and 2,176 residential property crimes. The violent crimes include five murders, 16 rapes, 36 robberies, and also 169 aggravated assaults. The residential property crimes include 274 burglaries, 1,739 larcenies, 163 motor automobile thefts, and also six arsons.

When contrasted with the 2015 crime statistics, it mirrors a significant decrease in the crime rate of the city. However, between these 5 years, there to be a decrease in just three out of eight major crimes. Robbery, burglary, and also larceny rates declined by 22%, 53%, and 28% respectively. Murder, rape, aggravated assault, motor auto theft, and also arson rates enhanced by 100%, 33%, 17%, 16%, and also 50% respectively.

Are Cape Coral Criminal documents Public?

Under Law, Cape Coral criminal documents are usually public records. Criminal records administer information top top the subject’s background of arrests, convictions, charges, and also conditions that the case. Whereby a criminal record has been sealed or expunged, a criminal record can not be made public. Accessibility to sealed criminal records is highly limited, lock are just open to details agencies. Expunged criminal documents are physically erased and are excluded native digital or database databases.

The room of legislation Enforcement (FDLE) gives online accessibility to some Cape coral criminal records. Interested people may record requests indigenous this state firm for city, county, or state criminal records. The Lee ar Sheriff’s Office also provides access to criminal records and background checks for Lee County and also Cape Coral residents.

How to acquire Cape Coral Police Reports and also Arrest Records?

The Cape Coral Police room is the key custodian of Cape Coral arrest records and police reports. To acquire copies of arrest records or police reports, requesters have to visit the office the the Police Department in between 8:00 a.m. Come 4:00 p.m. The office is open all work of the week. The address and contact information is below:

Cape Coral Police Department1100 cultural Park BoulevardCape Coral, FL, 33990Phone: (239) 574-3223Records: (239) 574-0695

Traffic reports are obtainable at the Lee ar Sheriff’s Office. To request a copy of a website traffic crash report, interested people can make use of the Lee county Sheriff’s online public records request portal. Contact the central Records division on (239) 477-1350 for more information. In-person requests can likewise be made by visiting the central Records department at:

Lee county Sheriff’s Office14750 6 Mile Cypress ParkwayFort Myers, FL 33912

How to discover Sex Offender info in Cape Coral?

The FDLE gives the basic public with on regular basis updated info on sex offenders via an virtual sex offender registry. Through the search tool on the website, occupants of Cape Coral can search for information about sex offenders and predators. Interested individuals can check for sex criminal by name. Castle can also lookup sex offenders residing in various Lee county communities, and also those residing near schools and college campuses. Also, inhabitants of Cape Coral can subscribe come the Offender Alert device to get email notifications regarding sex offenders in ~ a mile radius indigenous them.

How to uncover Cape Coral Inmate Records?

The Lee county Sheriff’s Office gives a database of arrested and incarcerated persons arrest by regulation enforcement and booking department in the county, including the Cape Coral Police Department. The database offers search choices such together inmate name, assigned ID, booking date, and also release date. The database consists of information around the subject’s charge and bail or shortcut terms, if applicable. Call the Sheriff’s Office by using the contact type for other inmate-related questions.

How carry out I Visit one Inmate in Cape Coral Jail?

The Lee county Sheriff’s Office maintains the day-to-day operations the the 3 jail facilities in the county. These jail facilities encompass Lee county Jail, Lee County main point Facility, and also Community programs Unit (CPU) Facility. Their place is below:

Lee county Jail2115 Dr. Young name Luther King Jr BoulevardFort Myers, FL 33901

Lee ar Core/CPU Facility2501 Ortiz AvenueFort Myers, FL 33905

Inmate visitation at these facilities is done through video clip monitors. Each inmate is allowed two access time of one hour each every week. All inmate visits at the Lee ar jail framework are carried out at the Visitation facility situated on the Ortiz site:

2501 Ortiz AvenueFort Myers, FL 33905(239) 258-3773

Court Records

As a part of the county, Cape Coral falls under the Lee county court system. The court system consists of one Circuit Court and also one ar Court. These courts handle a selection of instances including civil, criminal, traffic, probate, small claims, and family matters. Providing access to these court documents are under the purview of the Lee county Clerk of Courts.

Location of court in Cape Coral

Lee ar Circuit Court

Lee county Circuit CourtLee ar Justice Center1700 Monroe StreetP.O. Crate 2469Fort Myers, FL 33902Phone: (239) 533-5000

County Court in Lee County

County Court the Lee CountyLee ar Justice Center1700 Monroe StreetP.O. Crate 2469Fort Myers, FL 33902Phone: (239) 533-5000

Are Cape Coral Court documents Public?

According to the Court rules on Public access to justice Records, the general public has accessibility to every Cape Coral court records and administrative records. There are however certain records and information considered confidential that room exempt from this general provision. Interested persons have the right to take a look at the Confidentiality list to discover out what classification of documents are considered confidential and also not topic to public disclosure.

Can friend look up a Cape Coral Court instance Online?

The Lee ar Clerk of Courts provides the general public through online accessibility to Cape Coral court cases through the Court Records situation Search. The case varieties available include:

Adult - FelonyAppealsCircuit CivilCounty CivilCounty OrdinanceCriminal TrafficDetention HearingDomestic RelationsGuardianshipJuvenile DelinquencyJuvenile DependencyMental HealthMisdemeanorMunicipal OrdinanceNon-Criminal InfractionParking TicketProbateSmall ClaimsTraffic Infraction

The find criteria the the portal include names that the parties, date of birth, service name, date from and to, situation number, and citation number. Interested individuals can navigate the portal to obtain information on the various kinds that Cape Coral court cases and records.

The clerk of Courts additionally provides online accessibility to official records, including situation records, through the main Records portal.

How to obtain Cape Coral polite Court instance Records?

The Lee county Clerk of courts maintains every county and Cape Coral civil court records. This public polite court records and also other official records are accessible at the court branch utilizing the self-service terminals and workstations. Persons interested in obtaining duplicates of civil court records are forced to provide information around the case of interest, including the case file number, the defendant’s or the plaintiff’s name, and also the day the situation was filed. The Cape Coral Branch is located at:

Lee County government Center1039 South eastern 9th Place2nd FloorCape Coral, FL 33990

Alternatively, requesters might get duplicates of polite court records by making mail requests. Prepare a composed request and include the ideal fee in check or money bespeak payable to the clerk of Courts and a stamped self-addressed envelope. Letter the inquiry to the ideal department’s e-mail address.

In addition to the instance search portals, the salesperson of Courts additionally provides one online documents Request System. Interested persons can use this mechanism to inquiry Cape Coral court records, documents, or information not found on any of the search portals. For an ext information about this service, call (239) 533-5000.

How to obtain Cape Coral Criminal Court Records?

Similar to civil court records, the Lee ar Clerk of courts handles issuing copies of every county and also Cape Coral criminal court records. Cape Coral criminal court documents are accessible at the court branch using the self-service terminals and workstations. To attain copies of criminal court documents a requester requirements the information around the case of interest, including the case file number, defendant’s name, and also the day the case was filed. The Cape Coral Branch is located at:

Lee County federal government Center1039 South eastern 9th Place2nd FloorCape Coral, FL 33990

Alternatively, requesters deserve to make mail requests come get duplicates of criminal court records. Created requests have to be accompanied by the ideal fee in examine or money order payable come the clerk of Courts. Members of the public need to also provide a stamped self-addressed envelope and also mail the request to the suitable department’s mail address. In enhancement to the clerk of Court’s case search portals, over there is one online documents Request mechanism that helps customers request Cape Coral court records that room not found on any of the search portals.

What space Cape Coral vital Records?

Cape coral vital records are official documents that record the incident of critical events in the city. Cape coral vital records include birth, marriage, death, and also divorce records. The Lee ar Clerk of court keeps records of marriages and also divorces. The room of health in Lee county maintains birth and also death records. The office of crucial Statistics of the department of wellness maintains records of an important events because that the state of It worries copies that birth, death, marriage, and also divorce records, including that of Cape Coral City.

Where and How to acquire Cape Coral Divorce Records?

The Cape Coral Branch of the Lee ar Clerk of court maintains Cape Coral divorce records. Interested people may acquire copies the divorce records by using the self-service terminals and also workstations easily accessible at the office. To uncover get divorce records, requesters need to carry out enough information about the divorce and also divorced parties. This has their names, the day of divorce, and also the place of the divorce. The Cape Coral Branch the the Lee county is situated at:

Lee County government Center1039 South east 9th Place2nd FloorCape Coral, FL 33990

Alternatively, make requests because that Cape Coral divorce documents to the crucial Statistics office by mail. The an important Statistics Office has divorce documents from June 6, 1927, come date. To inquiry a divorce record, complete the application for resolution of marriage form. Or a requester can prepare a written request that consists of all the essential information around the divorce and the requester’s call details. Enclose a check or money bespeak payment and also a valid ID to the completed kind or composed request. Send them by letter or in-person to:

Mailing Address:

Bureau of crucial StatisticsAttn: vital Record SectionP.O. Crate 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Physical Address:

1217 north Pearl StreetJacksonville, FL 32202

A certified copy the a Cape Coral divorce record prices $5. The charges $4 for each extr copy requested at the exact same time. A requester can make an expedited inquiry by making the forced $10 fee. Simply write rush on the exterior of the request envelope and also include the surcharge.

Where and also How to get Public Cape Coral marriage Records?

Cape Coral marital relationship records space at the Cape Coral Branch the the Lee ar Clerk that Courts. Interested persons have the right to request Cape Coral marital relationship records in person or by mail. To request a Cape Coral marital relationship certificate, make a composed request through the following information:

Groom’s nameBride’s maiden nameDate the the marriage

The request, along with payment and also a self-addressed stamped envelope, should be submitted to:

Lee County government Center1039 South east 9th Place2nd FloorCape Coral, FL 33990

The critical Statistics Office likewise possesses duplicates of Cape Coral marriage records. The marital relationship records room from marital relationships performed prior to June 6, 1927, and also now. To acquire copies of Cape Coral marriage records, complete the applications for a marriage Certificate v the full name that both spouses, the day of the marriage, the county the issued the license, and the call information that the requester. Submit the completed creates with fees shown on the application by mail or in human being to:

Mailing Address:

Bureau of an essential StatisticsAttn: an essential Record SectionP.O. Box 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Physical Address:

1217 phibìc Pearl StreetJacksonville, FL 32202

Where and also How to obtain Confidential marital relationship Records in Cape Coral?

All marriage records in Cape Coral are taken into consideration public.

Where and also How to find Cape Coral birth Records?

Interested individuals have the right to request Cape Coral birth documents from the critical Statistics Office and also the room of health and wellness in Lee County. Under laws, birth records are thought about public records until 100 years after birth. Only persons that accomplish the eligibility needs that deserve to request Cape Coral bear records. These eligible persons include:

The registrantTheir parentsLegal guardiansSiblingsOffspringLegal representativesPersons who room legally authorized by a court order.

These eligible persons have the right to request Cape Coral bear certificates by perfect the bear Certificate Request kind and the Affidavit to relax a bear Certificate. Notarize the perfect forms and also attach the required fees. Send it by mail or in-person to:

Mailing Address: department of HealthBureau of critical StatisticsAttn: crucial Record SectionP.O. Box 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Physical Address: department of wellness Lee CountyOffice of an essential Statistics83 Pondella RoadNorth ft Myers, FL 33903(239) 332-9572

Where and How to uncover Cape Coral fatality Records?

Copies of Cape Coral fatality records are available at the critical Statistics Office and also the room of health in Lee County. Fatality records room not taken into consideration public records until 100 years after the occasion under Law. To attain a fatality record, persons interested must meet the eligibility requirements. Individuals eligible to obtain death records include:

The deceased’s parentsLegal guardiansSiblingsOffspringLegal representativesPersons who room legally authorized by a court order.

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To request a Cape Coral fatality record, standard persons have to fill out the fatality Certificate Request type and Affidavit to Release death Certificate. Notarize the filled-out and submit it v payment to:

Mailing Address: room of HealthBureau of crucial StatisticsAttn: an important Record SectionP.O. Crate 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Physical Address: room of health Lee CountyOffice of an important Statistics83 Pondella RoadNorth ft Myers, FL 33903(239) 332-9572


Cape Coral

Set in Lee County, the City of Cape Coral offers the public with access to a variety of public documents in compliance v the Sunshine Law. Interested people may request duplicates of Cape Coral arrest, criminal, court, and crucial records from relevant city officials, county agencies, or state-run departments. Come obtain specific public records, the custodian body provides requirements and also instructions because that requesters. Usually, a requester will be required to carry out a government-issued id and details relevant record details to validate your request. Whereby getting duplicates of documents proves difficult, the search devices on services like State records may carry out an different solution.