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By Jessica Leeburg June 2, 2021

We’re excited come announce the 2021 lineup for Cape May’s totally free movies on the beach. If you to be looking front to watching JAWS in the dark alongside the ocean, we’re i m really sorry to phone call you the it’s not on this year’s lineup, however there’s one more crowd favourite that’s just as quotable.

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This cost-free event is organized by the room of Commerce and also the City the Cape May. Movies will certainly play in ~ 8:15pm top top Thursdays throughout the summer on the beach beside Convention Hall. (Don’t worry—it’s hard to miss out on the enormous blow-up screen.) since the occasion is in ~ night, girlfriend don’t need a coast tag. Lug your very own beach chairs and towels, and you might want to toss a sweatshirt in her bag. The can gain cold through the water.

(If I’ve personally watched a movie on the list, I’ve included notes about content. All links will take it you come IMDB.)

July 8 – The boy Who will Be King (PG)

A modern spin on the Arthurian legend. Once a consistent kid discovers the mythical sword Excalibur, the discovers what he’s made of in this 2019 film.

July 15 – Robots (PG)

An animated picture from 2005 around a robot inventor challenged with some hard truths once he moves to the city to work for the company of his dreams.

July 22 – The Sandlot (PG)

Baseball brings a group of neighborhood kids together and helps lock move past seemingly difficult boundaries. 1993.

(The Sandlot has actually a bit of solid language, shows children trying chewing tobacco, and also the dog and pool scenes can bother some viewers.)

July 29 – ice Age: Collision food (PG)

With cosmic occasions threatening the Earth, it’s up to Manny, Sid, and Diego to save the planet in this 2016 man film—the fifth in the Ice age series.

August 5 – X2: X-Men united (PG-13)

The 2003 sequel to X-Men provides us insight into Wolverine’s past and also sees the team allied with former antagonist Magneto when Professor X is walk away by the anti-mutant scientist william Stryker.

(This was my favorite of the original X-Men trio. Head’s up for mentions of son neglect, suicide, and also some body fear in the flashback scenes, which can be a little intense for part viewers.)

August 12 – The Princess Bride (PG)

The beloved story-within-a-story from manager Rob Reiner. A boy stuck home sick in bed bonds with his grand over a fantasy novel around true love. And additionally pirates. This is easily the most quotable movie top top this summer’s lineup and its mix of action, sword fighting, comedy, and romance will certainly hopefully comprise for the absence of sharks. (It does have actually shrieking eels.)

(The Princess Bride to be released in 1987 and is fairly mild, though head’s up because that a pair of self-destruction references, blood, and also a torture scene.)

August 19 – Spies in Disguise (PG)

A spy gains new perspective when he’s turned right into a pigeon. 2019.

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August 26 – Diary that a Wimpy boy (PG)

Finishing off the summer is the 2010 adaptation the the first book in the series by Jeff Kinney. Greg gets through center school thanks to the aid of his shown journal.