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Issued:9:49 afternoon Wed, Oct 6, 2021
Expires:2:00 pm Wed, Oct 13, 2021
FLOOD WARNINGIssue Date:9:49 afternoon Wed, Oct 6, 2021Expiration:2:00 afternoon Wed, Oct 13, 2021...The overwhelming Warning is extended for the complying with rivers in Florida...Apalachicola River near Blountstown affect Liberty, Calhoun, Gulf and Franklin Counties.Turn around, don"t drown once encountering submarine roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles.This will certainly be the last river flood statement on this event. Continue to be tuned to developments.Additional information is available at www.weather.gov.The following statement will certainly be approve this evening....The flood Warning is currently in effect until at an early stage tomorrow afternoon...The flood Warning continues forthe Apalachicola River near Blountstown.* Until at an early stage tomorrow afternoon.* at 8:15 am CDT Tuesday /9:15 am EDT Tuesday/ the stage was 17.1 feet.* Flood stage is 17.0 feet.* minor flooding is occurring and minor flooding is forecast.* current Activity...The preferably river phase in the 24 hours ending at 8:15 to be CDT Tuesday /9:15 to be EDT Tuesday/ to be 17.3 feet.* Forecast...The flow is expected to climb to a comb of 17.2 feet this afternoon. It will certainly then fall listed below flood stage simply after midnight tonight.* Impact...At 17.0 feet, man Redd road in Calhoun county will start to overwhelming one half mile west the the boat landing, restricting access to the area. The lower portion of the watercraft ramp in Blounstown floods at this level.* Impact...At 18.0 feet, woodland Road 115 in Liberty ar at river Styx Campground will certainly flood, isolating accessibility to the site.* Impact...At 19.0 feet, boy lowland flooding will take place at Douglas Landing and Willis Landing Campgrounds in Gulf County. The 19.0 ft level at Blountstown may at times no be representative of river levels in these areas due come tidal effects, winds, or regional rainfall and also should be offered with caution.

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