Scroll down for the U.S. List of claims capitals.

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The resources city names are in alphabetical order through state.

Memorizing the state fundings is a common memory exercise in schools. But remembering fifty of anything is a challenge.

That's why i recommend using the image association (mental images) technique for this task.

To learn more, walk to mine Use pictures to Memorize State fundings page. That page provides several in-depth examples of just how that memory method works.

Memory methods such together visualization-association are not just efficient for remembering lists. You can use them come memorize people's names, the truth in a book, mathematics formulas, English vocabulary words, foreign language vocabulary, personality dialogue, toasts, and anything rather you can imagine.

Note: If you're searching for a list of U.S. Says without the capital cities, check out my 50 claims page.

U.S. State capitals List

For a printer-friendly list, click this printable list of states fundings link. This opens up a PDF web page that you deserve to print out.

Alabama (AL) - Montgomery

Alaska (AK) - Juneau

Arizona (AZ) - Phoenix

Arkansas (AR) - small Rock

California (CA) - Sacramento

Colorado (CO) - Denver

Connecticut (CT) - Hartford

Delaware (DE) - Dover

Florida (FL) - Tallahassee

Georgia (GA) - Atlanta

Hawaii (HI) - Honolulu

Idaho (ID) - Boise

Illinois (IL) - Springfield

Indiana (IN) - Indianapolis

Iowa (IA) - Des Moines

Kansas (KS) - Topeka

Kentucky (KY) - Frankfort

Louisiana (LA) - Baton Rouge

Maine (ME) - Augusta

Maryland (MD) - Annapolis

Massachusetts (MA) - Boston

Michigan (MI) - Lansing

Minnesota (MN) - St. Paul

Mississippi (MS) - Jackson

Missouri (MO) - Jefferson City

Montana (MT) - Helena

Nebraska (NE) - Lincoln

Nevada (NV) - Carson City

New Hampshire (NH) - Concord

New Jersey (NJ) - Trenton

New Mexico (NM) - Santa Fe

New York (NY) - Albany

North Carolina (NC) - Raleigh

North Dakota (ND) - Bismarck

Ohio (OH) - Columbus

Oklahoma (OK) - Oklahoma City

Oregon (OR) - Salem

Pennsylvania (PA) - Harrisburg

Rhode Island (RI) - Providence

South Carolina (SC) - Columbia

South Dakota (SD) - Pierre

Tennessee (TN) - Nashville

Texas (TX) - Austin

Utah (UT) - Salt Lake City

Vermont (VT) - Montpelier

Virginia (VA) - Richmond

Washington (WA) - Olympia

West Virginia (WV) - Charleston

Wisconsin (WI) - Madison

Wyoming (WY) - Cheyenne

The Journey an approach is an effective technique for memorizing the list of states capitals. The Peg system additionally works well, if you have at least 50 pegs memorized in advance.

I memorized the U.S. State fundings a couple of years earlier using the journey method. The route that I connected the claims to to be a walking tourism of the first floor that the agency building wherein I worked!

You could not establish it, but huge rooms frequently have many items the you deserve to use as part of a route.

The key to properly memorizing the list is to be able to plainly visualize every one of those items, so you need to be very familiar v the room.

I'd walked v that an initial floor area every day because that years. I might easily visualize where all the chairs, desks, carpets, stairs, mailboxes, even wall hangings and pictures were.

It to be a huge room, so ns didn't need to jam the mental images close with each other at all. Come recall the state capitals, I merely toured the room native one next to the various other in mine mind.

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Very couple of people can name every the U.S. State capitals. So if you success in memorizing this list, think about yourself brilliant!

Memorizing every 50 US fundings is one accomplishment.

If you're ready for an even bigger challenge, try memorizing the world fundings next. There are around 200 that thoses.