In one of the best data breaches ever, a hacker gained accessibility to an ext than 100 million capital One customers’ accounts and credit card applications previously this year.’s Christine Romans reports.

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united state employers included only 194,000 jobs in September, another troubling authorize that Covid is disrupting the economy.’s Christine Romans reports.

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In among the best data breaches ever, a hacker gained accessibility to much more than 100 million funding One customers’ accounts and also credit map applications previously this year.

Paige Thompson is accused of breaking into a funding One server and gaining accessibility to 140,000 Social protection numbers, 1 million Canadian society Insurance numbers and also 80,000 bank account numbers, in addition to one undisclosed number of people’s names, addresses, credit scores, credit limits, balances, and also other information, follow to the bank and also the united state Department the Justice.

A criminal complaint says Thompson tried come share the details with rather online. The 33-year-old, who stays in Seattle, had actually previously worked as a tech company software engineer for Amazon (AMZN) web Services, the cloud hosting agency that capital One was using, the Justice room said. She was able to gain access by exploiting a misconfigured internet application firewall, according to a court filing.

Thompson was arrested Monday in connection with the breach, the Justice room said. Thompson’s attorney can not be immediately reached because that comment.

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The capital One hack

Why room we still utilizing Social defense numbers as ID? Breach exposed bank data because that the many financially fragile customersTo stop breaches like resources One, Congress requirements to actDon"t trust carriers to protect your dataWorried around the capital One hack? Here"s what come do

resources One (COF) claimed the hack emerged March 22 and also 23 and also includes credit card applications as far earlier as 2005. The company indicated it resolved the vulnerability and also said that is “unlikely that the information was used for fraud or disseminated by this individual.” However, the company is tho investigating. “I sincerely apologize because that the understandable issue this incident must be causing those influenced and i am cursed to making the right,” said funding One (COF) CEO Richard Fairbank in a statement.

The breach influenced around 100 million people in the United says and around 6 million world in Canada, according to capital One.

However, “no credit transaction card account numbers or log-in credentials were compromised and also over 99% that Social defense numbers were no compromised,” the agency noted.

capital One said it will inform people impacted by the breach and will make free credit monitoring and identity security available. The firm expects come incur between $100 million and also $150 million in expenses related come the hack, including customer notifications, credit monitoring, tech costs and also legal support because of the hack.

capital One’s stock was under 5% in premarket trading Tuesday.

How capital One obtained hacked

The criminal complaint against Thompson paints a snapshot of a less-than-careful suspect.

Thompson posted the information on GitHub, making use of her complete first, middle and last name, the complaint says. She additionally boasted on society media that she had funding One information.

In a channel ~ above Slack, a chat business often used by businesses and also other groups, Thompson described the method she supplied to rest into capital One, the Justice department alleges. She asserted to use a unique command to extract files in a resources One directory stored top top Amazon’s servers.

“I wanna acquire it off my server that’s why ns archiving every one of it lol,” Thompson allegedly post on Slack. One person was alarm by what Thompson found, writing that the details was “sketchy,” adding, “don’t walk to jail plz.”

Thompson made small effort come disguise her identity. She allegedly supplied the display name “erratic” ~ above Slack, which to be the same handle she used on a Twitter account and a Meetup chatroom page.

The FBI special agent who investigated Thompson trust Thompson tweeted that she want to distribute Social protection numbers together with full names and dates of birth.

One person who experienced the information on GitHub notified capital One the the “leaked data” belonging come the company. Resources One informed the FBI, and an agent searched Thompson’s residence top top Monday. They found devices in she possession the reference capital One and Amazon and also other entities that may have been targets of attempted — or really – breaches.