The continuous practice that displaying a Christmas tree top top the U.S. Capitol grounds is reasonably recent.

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Records in ~ the Architect of the Capitol ( present correspondence from 1919 show that a Christmas tree was purchased that year. However, it to be not till 1964 that a identify procedure to be initiated and also a tree-lighting consciousness established.

In 1964, house Speaker john W. McCormack suggested to J. George Stewart, Architect the the Capitol, the a Christmas tree be put on the U.S. Capitol grounds. A live 24-foot Douglas fir was purchased for $700 from Buddies Nurseries that Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, and also was planted on the West former lawn. Yearly through 1967 this tree to be decorated and a tree-lighting ceremony was held.

Unfortunately, a mix of factors, consisting of a serious wind storm in the feather of 1967 and also root damage, resulted in the tree to die in 1968; the was gotten rid of in the exact same year. The 1968 Christmas tree was made from 2 white pines from Finksburg, Maryland, and also was 30 feet tall; the 1969 tree was a 40-foot white pine from Westminster, Maryland. The United claims Department of farming Forest business has detailed the trees because 1970.

Preparing the Christmas tree is a true team effort for the We work approximately the clock native tree an option to arrival, decoration and also lighting.

Tree Facts and Details

Information around individual tree is provided below. Height is provided as measure up in the woodland by the National forest Service.

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2021White Fir84 feetSix Rivers national ForestCalifornia


2020Engelmann Spruce55 feetGrand Mesa, Uncompahgre and also Gunnison (GMUG) national ForestsColorado
2019Blue Spruce60 feetCarson national ForestNew Mexico
2018Noble Fir80 feetWillamette national ForestOregon
2017Engelmann Spruce79 feetKootenai nationwide ForestMontana
2016Engelmann Spruce80 feetPayette nationwide ForestIdaho
2015Lutz Spruce74 feetChugach nationwide ForestAlaska
2014White Spruce88 feetChippewa national ForestMinnesota
2013Engelmann Spruce88 feetColville nationwide ForestWashington
2012Engelmann Spruce73 feetWhite River national ForestColorado
2011Sierra White Fir65 feetStanislaus national ForestCalifornia
2010Engelmann Spruce67 feetBridger-Teton nationwide ForestWyoming



2009Blue Spruce85 feetApache-Sitgreaves national ForestArizona
2008Subalpine Fir78 feetBitterroot nationwide ForestMontana
2007Balsam Fir55 feetGreen hill National ForestVermont
2006Pacific silver Fir65 feetOlympic nationwide ForestWashington
2005Engelmann Spruce60 feetSanta Fe national ForestNew Mexico
2004Red Spruce70 feetGeorge Washington and also Jefferson national ForestVirginia
2003Engelmann Spruce65 feetBoise national ForestIdaho
2002Douglas Fir70 feetUmpqua nationwide ForestOregon
2001White Spruce74 feetOttawa nationwide ForestMichigan
2000Colorado Blue Spruce65 feetPike national ForestColorado


1999White Spruce70 feetNicolet nationwide ForestWisconsin
1998Fraser Fir50 feetPisgah nationwide ForestNorth Carolina
1997Black Hills Spruce63 feetBlack Hills nationwide ForestSouth Dakota
1996Engelmann Spruce75 feetManti-LaSal nationwide ForestUtah
1995Douglas Fir60 feetPlumas national ForestCalifornia
1994Balsam Fir58 feetGreen hill National ForestVermont
1993White Fir65 feetSan Bernardino nationwide ForestCalifornia
1992White Spruce62 feetChippewa nationwide ForestMinnesota
1991Blue Spruce (live)60 feetCarson nationwide ForestNew Mexico
1990Engelmann Spruce65 feetRoutt national ForestColorado


1989Engelmann Spruce60 feetKootenai national ForestMontana
1988Balsam Fir50 feetManistee national ForestMichigan
1987Norway Spruce60 feetWayne-Hoosier nationwide ForestOhio
1986Shasta Red Fir54 feetKlamath national ForestCalifornia
1985White Spruce56 feetOttawa nationwide ForestMichigan
1984White Spruce58 feetSuperior nationwide ForestMinnesota
1983White Spruce52 feetChequamegon national ForestWisconsin
1982Balsam Fir50 feetRiley Bostwich Wildlife management AreaVermont
1981White Spruce50 feetHiawatha nationwide ForestMichigan
1980White Spruce48 feetGreen hill National ForestVermont


* employees anchor the 1971 Capitol Christmas Tree, a black Spruce from brand-new Hampshire"s White hill National Forest.
1979White Spruce52 feetNicolet nationwide ForestWisconsin
1978Norway Spruce60 feetSavage flow State ForestMaryland
1977White Spruce52 feetNemadji State ForestMinnesota
1976Red Spruce41 feetMonongahela national ForestWest Virginia
1975Balsam Fir41 feetOttawa national ForestMichigan
1974Fraser Fir41 feetPisgah national ForestNorth Carolina
1973White Spruce51 feetAllegheny national ForestPennsylvania
1972Balsam Fir50 feetCherokee national ForestTennessee
1971Black Spruce45 feetWhite mountain National ForestNew Hampshire
1970Norway Spruce40 feetMonongahela nationwide ForestWest Virginia



1969White Pine40 feetWestministerMaryland
1968White Pine30 feetFinxburgMaryland
1967Douglas Fir24 feetBuddies NurseriesPennsylvania
1966Douglas Fir24 feetBuddies NurseriesPennsylvania
1965Douglas Fir24 feetBuddies NurseriesPennsylvania
1964Douglas Fir24 feetBuddies NurseriesPennsylvania