WARNING: graphic VIOLENCE. Surveillance video shows a shooting in ~ a Jefferson City gas station on Wednesday, July 22, 2021.

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Jefferson City police have actually arrested a suspect in a Wednesday night shooting at a gas terminal that left two world injured.

Officers ~ above Thursday afternoon arrested a 23-year-old Jefferson City male in connection with the shooting, according to a Jefferson City Police department news release. He was currently awaiting trial for first-degree robbery native a 2019 incident, police said.

Police likewise found the gun offered in the shooting, follow to the release.

A sergeant v JCPD told abc 17 News earlier that police were sent to the 800 block of stadium Boulevard for the tools incident about 9:20 p.m.

Two civilization were shot and police said Thursday the the wounds did not show up life-threatening.

An employee in ~ the Phillips 66 claimed an argument led as much as the shooting, in i m sorry one male then shot in ~ the store. The employee stated the key door, a home window and several items were damaged as well.

Police stated the suspect remained in the Cole county Jail on Thursday afternoon on suspicion of first-degree assault, armed criminal action and unlawful usage of a weapon. Police did no name the doubt or speak what led to the shooting.


Zola Crowder

Zola Crowder join the alphabet 17 News team together a multimedia reporter in June 2020 after ~ graduating from the university of Missouri with a transfer journalism degree. Prior to reporting at abc 17, Zola to be a reporter at KOMU wherein she learned to cover politics, crime, education, economics and also more.


Matthew Sanders

Matthew Sanders is the digital content director at alphabet 17 News.

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