At least 1 Dead, 3 hurt After Crash including 7 Vehicles ~ above Kennedy ExpresswayAt least one human being is dead after ~ a crash entailing seven vehicles ~ above the Kennedy Expressway overnight. 

Man Dead, 2 kids Critically hurt In 4-Vehicle coast Park CrashA male is dead and two kids critically hurt after a four-vehicle crash in beach Park Friday evening, authorities said. 

Woman Struck, eliminated By automobile While cross Street In West RidgeA woman was struck and also killed by a vehicle while crossing the street Friday morning in West Ridge. 

Motorcyclist Hit, killed By SUV In West PullmanA motorcyclist is dead ~ he was hit by a man driving a sport-utility automobile in West Pullman Tuesday evening.

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Man Killed, woman Critically Injured when Motorcycle Slams into Minivan at 95th and Stony IslandA male is dead and a woman was critically injured Tuesday night once a motorcycle slammed right into a minivan in ~ 95th Street and Stony Island Avenue.

1 Dead, 1 In Serious condition After Crash involving 2 Semi trucks In HegewischOne human being is dead and another injured after a crash entailing two semi trucks in Hegewisch.
Woman Killed, man Injured In Single-Car Crash on Stevenson ExpresswayA mrs is dead and also a guy was hurt in a crash at an early stage Monday morning top top the Stevenson Expressway.
One woman Killed, another Injured Upon gift Hit By auto Near Wrigley Field, town Hall district Police station In Lakeview; Driver runs OffOne mrs was killed and another was injured Saturday wen they to be hit by a vehicle in Lakeview – only about a block native Wrigley Field and also right across the street indigenous the town Hall (19th) ar police station.
Second Bartlett High college Student die After Tuesday Night CrashCameron Kelty and classmate Alex Czerwik died in the crash. Two classmates at Bartlett High School, including Alex's brother, were injured.
Bartlett High school Football Player Killed, Brother and 3 Others injured In CrashOne 16-year-old boy that played high institution football is dead, and three various other teenage boys were injured, in a crash Tuesday night in Bartlett.
Man On tracks Fatally struck By UP-West Metra Train close to Oak ParkA male was fatally hit by a Metra Train between the Kedzie and also Oak Park stop Sunday night. 
Man with Gunshot Wounds die After car Crashes Into house In gold GateA guy with gunshot wounds died after his auto crashed into a house in the gold Gate neighborhood.
1 Dead, 1 hurt After Crash entailing Semi-Trailer ~ above Eisenhower Expressway near Damen Police space investigating a deadly crash on the Eisenhower Expressway near Damen. 
Driver Dead, Passenger stays Hospitalized after Weekend Crash that Took down Power present In WaukeganOne guy is dead and also another to be hospitalized Monday following a crash this past weekend in Waukegan.
Naked woman At Denver airplane Walked about Concourse asking Passengers, 'Where space You From?'A woman passenger parading with a Denver international Airport concourse critical month without any type of clothing attracted attention from other passengers and also airport police.
'You space Not see Double': 2-Headed tortoise Hatches ~ above Cape CodDo not change your screen. A turtle that hatched newly on Cape Cod go indeed have actually two heads.

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New York City's annual Columbus work Parade Marches Up fifth AvenueOrganizers say brand-new York City's parade is the world's biggest celebration that Columbus and also Italian heritage.