Show united state a auto that does it all and we"ll display you a automobile that"s compromised in every little thing it does. That"s the story that most modern-day full-size pickup trucks, which beat a duty that"s component family SUV, component commercial vehicle, component luxury car, and component circus strongman. Sure, your truck tows an impressive 10,000 pounds, but chances space it rides favor a tractor, specifically with a bed full of nothing yet air.

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The lamb 1500 can"t totally escape these trade-offs, but it balances and also minimizes them far better than any kind of truck on the market. Many thanks in huge part to the coil springs (or optional air springs) at each corner, the ram rolls over damaged pavement with superior civility. That goes under the roadway feeling much more like a Mercedes-Benz GLS-class than a Ford F-150. It"s the van that have the right to convincingly shrug off its agrarian root to do the pilgrimage to ceramic Barn in comfort.

The awesome 702-hp ram 1500 TRX carries its very own predictable set of compromises: single-digit real-world fuel economy, a $71,790 starting price, and also running boards so high they must come through a authorize warning, "You should be this high to enter." Surprisingly, though, on-road manners space not on the list. Because that a van that"s developed for desert running, dune bashing, and also hill jumping, the TRX is unexpectedly delightful on paved roads. It offers soft long-travel springs to absorb big off-road hits, yet rather 보다 squishing and pitching and rolling around in traffic, the TRX ratchets increase the stiffness the its adaptive dampers in pavement-oriented driving modes, providing the truck a feeling of control on the roadway that"s lacking in its only competitor, the Ford F-150 Raptor.


In domesticating the American workhorse, lamb has constructed the ideal pickup for the method most of united state use trucks today: as day-to-day transportation instead of together a special-purpose tool, relocating people more often 보다 payload and on suburban streets fairly than in farm fields. On upper trim levels, ram dresses the 1500"s cabin with an attention to detail that shames many luxury cars. At 70 mph, it"s together quiet as a church throughout the supervisor Bowl. For city slickers and cowboy commuters, the clever optional RamBoxes sell weather-tight, lockable storage that keeps cargo the end of sight and also out the the cab.

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Our 10Best honor covers the full 1500 range, from the 305-hp base V-6 come the 702-hp TRX. Between those bookends, there"s a diesel V-6 that scores approximately 32 mpg in EPA testing and also a 395-hp V-8 available with or there is no the eTorque 48-volt motor-generator. (We recommend going without it based on our 40,000-mile permanent test.) With any type of engine, the lamb is increase for difficult labor, but living through this van is a reminder that the numbers—horsepower, tow ratings, and also payload capacities—tell only part of the story. The eight-speed automatically is always ready to drop the engine right into the powerband. The uncanny ride quality translates to good body control in curves. Every element feels as if the engineers made the a allude to polish the pickup truck"s stormy edges.

We"re still car people in ~ heart. We choose the sure-footed handling of vehicles that space light and reasonably low come the ground, and we typically respect the utility of a truck through an emotional detachment. But the lamb is therefore uniquely an excellent to drive that it transcends the pickup-truck status quo. As soon as we say that the ram 1500 is the full-size truck the comes closest come driving prefer a car, we typical that as a high compliment. Why journey a huge lumbering brute as soon as you can drive a huge nimble brute?

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