Carjacking suspect In southern LA Pursuit figured out As 13-Year-Old BoyA carjacking suspect who led police ~ above a follow in a stolen car in the southern Los Angeles area Monday has been identified as a 13-year-old boy.

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Pursuit doubt Hides Inside south LA Store, Then alters Clothes and also Evades PoliceAn LAPD pursuit ended Tuesday with a suspect running within a southern Los Angeles discount store and also locking self inside.

Suspected man With A Gun leader Police ~ above Chase before Arrest In CamarilloA reportedly equipped man led police on a chase Tuesday that ended in his arrest in Camarillo.

Suspects wanted In Beverly Hills armed Robbery lead Police on High rate ChaseThe vehicle was want in connection with two armed robberies that emerged Monday in Beverly Hills.

WATCH: Stolen automobile Suspects Arrested after ~ Wild ChaseA pair the suspected car thieves tried to steal at least two additional vehicles throughout a bizarre police quest through southern California Friday afternoon.

WATCH: Stolen vehicle Suspect Taken into Custody ~ ChaseA police chase finished Wednesday afternoon in one El Monte parking lot.
Police Chase, Standoff With assault Suspect Shuts under 91 FreewayAn assault with a deadly weapon suspect was arrested Wednesday after a 20-minute police chase from downtown Los Angeles to North lengthy Beach.
Pursuit suspect Taken right into Custody external Medical OfficeThe suspect was arrested through the assistance of a police dog exterior a clinical office structure in the Rancho Cucamonga area.
Suspect Surrenders come Police following San Fernando valley ChaseThe driver has actually surrendered to authorities in the Pacoima area.
Police follow Burglary doubt On Foot v Venice beach Waves, finishing At Santa Monica PierWhen police officers tried to detain the man, the ran into the water and also a quest ensued. 
WATCH: search Suspects re-superstructure Romantic moment In Bell Gardens BackyardA police follow took an unexpected turn Wednesday.
Domestic Violence doubt Subdued by Police through Taser After lengthy PursuitA man suspected of residential violence led police Friday top top a lengthy pursuit that began in Orange County and continued top top the 405 Freeway before ending with his arrest in Venice Beach.
Reckless Driving suspect Flees from Police ~ ChasePolice cornered a reckless driving doubt in the city the Maywood Monday night.
Suspect In 3-Hour pursuit Was abdominal muscle 109 early on Release Parolee who Just got Out that PrisonA police quest that started in south Gate simply after 5 p.m. Wednesday lasted 3 hours and eventually ended inside a 99 Cents only store in Rowland Heights.
WATCH: Reckless Driving, DUI doubt Taken into Custody after ~ PIT Maneuver ends PursuitA reckless driving and also DUI doubt led police ~ above a cross-county chase before being brought to a stop by a PIT exercise in the Westchester area.
'It Was prefer Old Faithful': Toilet explosion Terrifies Family, Leaves house Damaged"It startled so bad that when he acquired up, the hit the dresser v his forehead, so he's got a nice tiny 'V' ," Rita Sanders said.
Naked mrs At Denver plane Walked roughly Concourse asking Passengers, 'Where room You From?'A woman passenger parading v a Denver global Airport concourse critical month without any kind of clothing drew attention from fellow passengers and airport police.

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'You space Not see Double': 2-Headed tortoise Hatches top top Cape CodDo not change your screen. A turtle the hatched newly on Cape Cod walk indeed have actually two heads.