Dallas Officers, occupants Rescue man From Burning vehicle After CrashThree Dallas officers, along with community members, rescued a male from a burning auto after a multi-vehicle crash last weekend, and the officers common the story the the events that unfolded.

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Hyundai, Kia Recall much more Than half A Million Vehicles because that Leaks the Can cause FiresKorean automakers Hyundai and also Kia space recalling an ext than 591,000 vehicles in the U.S. To solve a brake liquid leak the could cause engine fires.

Driver dies After Crashing right into Pillar follow me I-20 In ArlingtonA driver died late Thursday evening after a fiery crash ~ above Interstate-20 in Arlington, police say.

Motorcyclist Dead, 2 hurt After Fiery Crash In grand PrairieA fiery crash in cool Prairie Thursday evening left a motorcyclist dead and also two rather injured, police say.

Body that 22-Year-Old Woman found In earlier Of burning SUV In DallasA woman's body was discovered in the back of a burning SUV in the lower Greenville area of Dallas Monday evening and also investigators are looking right into her death as a homicide, police say.

Fire at Trucking firm Destroys several Vehicles In IrvingFire investigators in Irving space working to uncover out what caused a fire that ruined several vehicles Tuesday morning.
18-Wheeler records Fire, causes Interstate-20 ShutdownAn 18-wheeler driver ditched the trailer that the truck, which was loaded v chemicals, ~ if recorded fire.
18-Year-Old fee In Houston road Rage Shooting the Ignited Fireworks, Injuring household Of 4A 18-year-old man has turned self in ~ he accused shot in ~ a vehicle in a roadway rage event in Houston the ignited fireworks in the victims' vehicle, severely burning two children and also injuring their parents.
Texas road Rage shoot Sets turn off Fireworks, Severely burn 2 ChildrenTwo children, eras 1 and also 2, are in the hospital with significant burn injuries after a road rage shooting near Houston collection off fireworks inside your vehicle, authorities say.
GM Recalls Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks as result of Engine Block Heater FiresGeneral motors is recalling much more than 368,000 pickups and also other trucks global after 19 reports the fires.
NHTSA opens Investigations into Hyundai, Kia auto FiresThe national Highway website traffic Safety administration is investigate a series of what they call "non-crash fires" including Hyundai and Kia vehicles.
Video Captures auto Up In Flames the Critically hurt 3 children In GarlandPolice are continuing to investigate a car fire the critically hurt three children in a Garland parking lot while their father was within a save on Saturday.
3 kids Critically shed In vehicle Fire In GarlandThree kids are in critical condition after they were melted in a auto fire Saturday night in a parking many in Garland, police say.
Uber Driver and also Passenger Save family members From burning SUVFrom Uber driver come hero. A mrs - and her customer - jumped into action and may have saved the life of a household who had no idea their car was ~ above fire.

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Hyundai, Kia recall 160K+ Vehicles At hazard For Engine FiresHyundai and Kia are relocating ahead through a remind of about 168,000 vehicles to fix a fuel pipe problem that can reason engine fires.