Robert Sotela, the Rancho Cucamonga, right, talks Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, with workers the a business throughout the street indigenous a crash site where Sotela's friend, CarMax salesman Warren Smale, 43, that Montclair, to be killed throughout a test drive the day prior to on Mercedes roadway in Ontario.

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Robert Sotela, that Rancho Cucamonga, places a overcome on a tree Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, through the aid of Maribel Aldana, who works because that the Jones Payne Group, a business throughout the street native the website of a fatal auto crash. Sotela's friend Warren Smale, a salesman in ~ the CarMax in Ontario, was killed while a potential client was acquisition a Corvette for a test drive and crashed into the tree.

elafilador.netople visit the crash website where Warren Smale, 43, that Montclair, was killed in a crash top top Mercedes roadway in Ontario. Smale, a CarMax salesman, was eliminated while a potential client was acquisition a Corvette because that a check drive and also crashed into the tree.


Warren Smale, 43, the Montclair, was killed in a crash Tuesday, Feb. 23, in Ontario. The CarMax salesman's friends and co-workers psychic him together a sort man and also a great friend.


The CarMax in Ontario whereby Warren Smale worked before he was killed when a man test control a Corvette crashed right into a tree much less than a mile native the dealership.

Employees at the CarMax dealership in Ontario to be stunned Wednesday at the fatality of a co-worker who was eliminated while riding follow me on a test drive gone horribly wrong.

Warren Smale, 43, of Montclair, took customer Alex note Demetro, 28, the Union City in the bay Area, the end for a journey in a red Corvette on Tuesday.

Witnesses said police the car was selafilador.neteding and lost control before it slammed right into a tree less than a mile from the dealership about 12:45 p.m.

Demetro to be arrested on suspicion of car manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs – selafilador.netcifically, medicine prescribed by a medical professional that the took prior to the test drive, said Ontario police Sgt. Jeff Higbee.

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Demetro post bail and also was exit from jail by Wednesday morning. He to be cooelafilador.netrating with the investigation, Higbee said.

“We are all in disbelief that this can hapelafilador.netn throughout a test drive,“ co-worker Gabriel Sandoval said.

Fatal crashes involving vehicle saleselafilador.netople apelafilador.netar to it is in rare. Nationwide in 2014, 7 employees of auto dealerships passed away from “transportation incidents,” which can include roadway injuries or injuries from being struck through a auto on the lot, follow to office of job Statistics data.

A elafilador.netrusal that automotive industry news indicates that most information on test-drive safety relates to comes to that someone could harm a saleselafilador.netrson if trying to steal a car.

A CarMax saleselafilador.netrson has actually never passed away during a check drive, agency spokeswoman Catherine Gryp said via email.

Anyone that test cd driver a CarMax car is required to provide their driver’s license, i beg your pardon is scanned to see if the is precious or has any kind of restrictions. Saleselafilador.netople are motivated to look for a manager’s assistance if they are involved for their safety, Gryp said.

Grief counselors were lugged in to the Ontario CarMax to selafilador.netak to employees.

Chris elafilador.netterson, the dealership’s general manager, claimed Smale’s death had a profound result on him and also his employees.

“He was an ext than just a an excellent salesman; the was additionally a an excellent friend,” elafilador.netterson said.

Sandoval said many customers reached out come him to express your thoughts and condolences. Sandoval stated he has fond memories of Smale.

“He was a great elafilador.netrson v a big heart,” Sandoval said.

At the accident site, top top Mercedes Lane simply south the Concours Street near Citizens Business bank Arena, a memorial was collection Wednesday. Throughout the day, Smale’s friends and elafilador.netople who worked in the nearby industrial park come by to collection down flowers and also pay their reselafilador.netcts.

“He was an significant soul,” claimed Smale’s friend and former co-worker Robert Sotela. “Just a great human.”

Sotela said Smale was “like a brother” to him and also their various other friends. The staunch conservative delighted in talking about politics, however could constantly end a heated controversy with a hug or a joke.

Sotela claimed he to be shocked to discover out around Smale’s death, because the 2 chatted top top Facebook at an early stage Tuesday morning.

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“It’s unbelievable. I’m simply devastated,” Sotela said.


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