Learn why you must remove them

Letting youngsters wear winter jackets in vehicle seats is a typical mistake. Review on come learn much more about why you need to remove special winter clothing before placing your boy in the automobile seat. Also, obtain six safe choices for keeping youngsters warm in a car.

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At elafilador.net, we understand that protecting her child and also keeping them for sure is her number one priority, even if it is it is in school, top top holiday, at residence or in this case: in your car. Maintaining your boy or daughter safe is after every why you have actually a car seat mounted in the an initial place. So stop talk about why you need to avoid the mix of winter jackets and car seats. 

As temperatures space dropping and also you protect your child against the cold exterior with a winter jackets, acquisition that coat off prior to going on a journey is no necessarily miscellaneous that involves anyone’s mind. The is why we as a car seat manufacturer carry out what we deserve to to acquire the adhering to message across each year before winter to adjust in: In the event of an accident or even just harsh braking, the seat’s harness may not be appropriately tightened over the child’s body if lock wear a winter jacket. Together a result, the car seat cannot keep your child as steady in location as the is designed to. 

Why are thick winter jackets in auto seats dangerous?

Most winter jackets have a filling product like down or feathers, which are designed to keep your child warmth by developing a thick “air buffer” in in between your child and also the cold wait outside.

However, once placing your child in the automobile seat v such a coat on, the coat’s thickness deserve to prevent you from tightening the exploit close to your child’s top body.

In this picture, it looks favor the exploit is tightened well and also that it cannot be pulled any type of tighter.
When keeping the very same harness settings and then acquisition the jacket off, it i do not care clear that there is a lot of room between her child’s upper body and the harness.
In contrast, this photo shows just how tight the harness need to be as soon as buckling increase your boy correctly.

In the event of an influence where your kid is thrust out of the seat and also into the harness, the pressures are so solid that the wait in the cloak is released. This outcomes in her child having too much an are for movement, together the harness is no tight sufficient to hold them earlier securely.

Thus, once travelling with youngsters in winter, we strongly encourage you to avoid having actually them wear thick winter jackets.

How to protect against my boy from being cold in the car?

1 – usage footmuffs particularly designed because that baby automobile seats

Footmuffs particularly designed for being provided with baby car seats have ago openings and pre-cut holes that permit placing the exploit on the within in its exactly position. Together these footmuffs room closed over the harness and have non-compressible product like wool in the back, no puffy layer is added between your child and also the seat’s harness.

2 – place a warm water bottle into the auto seat 5-10 minutes prior to departure (but of course remove it before using the seat)

By placing a warm water bottle into your child’s automobile seat 5 to ten minutes before departure, girlfriend can quickly ensure that they are not sit on a cold surface. Instead, castle are even receiving extra heating from below. This tip was added by elafilador.net car seat users, thank you!

3 – have actually your son wear clothes made indigenous fleece or wool

These materials offer an excellent isolation nature without being so thick, so the the harness can be tightened properly.

4 – put the coat on ‘the wrong method around’ after ~ buckling up

Place your child into the seat there is no the jacket and buckle them increase tightly. Afterwards, you deserve to put the coat on ‘the wrong means around’ by putting it over the arms and also laying it over their upper body. This method it can still protect from the cold air without being inserted in in between your child and the harness.

5 – carry an extra blanket with you in the car

Allow your son to cuddle up with a blanket that is placed over them after buckling up. This allows them to be warm and also cosy yet still travel safely throughout the whole journey.

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6 – have actually your boy wear a poncho and put the back component over the seat

If your boy is put on a poncho, you have the right to place the part that is hanging end their earlier over the child automobile seat and the front component above the harness. This way you can create a ‘warm bubble’ underneath the poncho and also still ensure the no thick layer stays clear of the exploit from gift tight. Alternatively, the same have the right to be completed by acquisition a blanket and cutting a head opening right into it. You re welcome make certain though that the back component of the poncho/blanket is laying loose on the auto seat and is no stuck anywhere. This tip was contributed by elafilador.net auto seat users, give thanks to you!

How to inform more parents around winter jackets in automobile seats

Do you recognize someone who should know about not making use of winter jackets in vehicle seats? One method of making much more parents conscious of the peril is by placing up posters in your day-care or through handing lock out together flyers. Come make dispersing the word less complicated for you, we have prepared a poster because that you that you have the right to download and also easily print out in ~ home. 

Download A4 poster

Download A5 flyers

Thank you because that helping to spread out the word! through your help, more youngsters will take trip safely throughout the cold winter months.