Hey all,I"m running v some different ideas for my Chinook, and I think what i am looking for is usual in the camping valve world, however I can"t uncover decent measurement or photos of what I have in mine head.I"m trying to find a beanch seat, with seat belts, that can fold level into a bed for two adults; the greatest is me a 6"-0" and 210 pounds.Could you all snap some photos of her bench seat/bed combos for me, and also list their rough dimensions, both in seat and also bed configuration? I"d additionally like to watch their mounting system.Thanks because that the help all.Gavin

discount vans or something favor that is supposed to have actually lots of cool things like thatI will shot to search for some pics that the Sportsmobile setup, yet be mindful it is a side facing sofa that has the backrest flop end the peak to become component of the bed

I just found a rear bench/bed that matches my newly mounted leather buckets perfect on ebay - however its means east and seller isnt giving shipping (and would be outrageous also if it can ship) therefore I"m tho looking in a 250 mile radius because that mine.

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In mine camper van, follow me the side, former to rear behind the driver"s seat, is a couch the folds down into a bed. That is 6"4" long, and the bottom is 30" wide. The earlier is 14" tall. Urgently out right into a bed it is 44" wide. The doesn"t have actually seat belts, however there are holes in it because that seat belts.This valve is a "76 Ford, and earlier in the "70"s i had one more "76 Ford van that had a similar couch/bed across the back. At it"s widest point, mine camper is 6 feet, so the one I had actually years earlier must have actually been 6 feet wide. I"m 6"4" so ago when I had that various other van and I took it camping, I can sleep on that bed if ns slept catty-corner.I"m actually getting ready to remove the couch from mine van and build a plywood crate to change it. The trouble is the the seat component does not raise up but a couple of inches, for this reason the only method to obtain to warehouse underneath is indigenous the former by removing the cover piece. I remember from mine van long back that that was a PITA and also it is ~ above this one too. At the very least on that various other van the couch was throughout the back so ns could additionally get under the from the rear by opening the doors.Underneath the couch in my camper is the water tank, the water pump, the water heater and also some wiring and I can"t acquire to any type of of it other than by reaching in indigenous the front or undoing the bolts and completely removing the couch. Fifty percent the size of the couch is extended by the galley room on the various other side the the van, so gaining down right into the aisle and then reaching under is damned tight.There is a the majority of wasted space under the couch in my camper - room enough even for a pair of extra 12v batteries if i wanted and also I can"t get to it. For this reason the couch has to go.

We"ve acquired one inthe back of our Long-haul Rafting transport and it"s awesome. I forget wherein we got it however I recognize it was simply in an older High-capacity (you recognize the REALY long vans they use for Crummy"s and also transport"s) van. It"s sort of odd though as it"s bigger and deeper climate the various other seats yet with both of lock folded flat we have the right to sleep prefer 4 civilization in the van and also litteraly simply pull end to take it a nap once the steering days traction on...I"ll ask mine buddies if lock have any type of resources ~ above this reason a couple of them have big vans they"ve kitted out for a kind of "mini-family hauler/RV" of sorts. I know they"ve had to look difficult to uncover them but they"re the end there. I find alot the times with old van ingredient they"ve to be forgotten or taken the end by PO"s and also alot of times civilization don"t really know what they have is a jewel the a find for those of united state using this older vans come travel lengthy distances.CheersDAve

Lance, www.discountvantruck.com looks favor it has some "sofa sleepers" favor I am talk about; is this the site you were thinking of?SMB is phone call this format of bed a Gaucho, for this reason I"ll take it a look for something of the nature.
This one watch a lot prefer the one in my camper, other than the one I have the back is not fairly as tall and also mine has actually a single row the buttons on the seat:http://www.discountvantruck.com/rvvansofas/dutchessvansofabeds.htm
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Feb 3, 2011
Fergie said:
Lance, www.discountvantruck.com looks prefer it has actually some "sofa sleepers" favor I am talking about; is this the site you were thinking of?SMB is call this layout of bed a Gaucho, for this reason I"ll take it a look because that something of the nature.
that is the one I have actually heard around for yearsalso make sure to examine out the sportmobilefoum.com as there are a ton of homebuilds there
Feb 3, 2011
Gav,Check the end RV shops- the usual RV sofabed mounts on peak of a cabinet, and also folds level in a very space efficient way. Ours don"t have seatbelts, yet that have to be easy enough to add.
I have a sofa/sleeper mounted behind the drivers seat, It"s about 5"8" inches long so it"s too short to sleep top top comfortably, however if i spin the vehicle drivers seat sideways it offers me an additional 20" for my feet make it long enough. It"s not an extremely comfortable either yet a pair of Thermarest pads really help.

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Feb 25, 2011
Are there any updates to this thread? I"m in virtually the very same boat.I have actually a 2005 Chevy express cargo van. I want to install a sofa bed similar to a RB50 floor plan. My primary issue is carry out I install myself or have actually a conversion agency do it? mine criteria are:Forward facingFolds right into bedSeat beltsSafe!I"ve seen the lumber residence builds but none state that they plan to deliver passengers. Today I began contacting valve conversion conpanies in my area however most room for handicap conversions for this reason we"ll watch if they are interested. Discount valve Truck has one that the ideal off-the-shelf solutions however there are combined reviews of their customer service and quality, add to the shipping would certainly be a lot. Ns have additionally seen the RV bench on optimal of the cabinet but I never ever saw seat belts.I assumption: v my best question is if I end up act this myself, what sort of reinforcement and also hardware is required to do a tradition install? Is it a simple matter the srilling a couple holes in the floor or is combine needed? I"ve to be searching and also don"t discover much in the way of instructions or examples.