Lightning is just one of earth's most powerful and danger forces. Make sure you recognize what to do to stay safe.(WWBT)
RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - when thunder roars and also lightning cracks throughout the sky, there space two safe places to look for shelter: within a sturdy building or inside a hard topped car.

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Many people think cars space safe native lightning since the rubber tires protect against lightning from striking the car, however this is a legend that has been proven false.

A lightning bolt is so an effective (it’s hotter 보다 the surface ar of the sun!) it will go through the tires or might actually melt them. Rubber tires sell no protection from lightning. We likewise know this true since people have actually been killed by lightning if riding on motorcycles and also bicycles during a thunderstorm.

Cars are safe native lightning since of the steel cage neighboring the world inside the vehicle. This may sound counter-intuitive since metal is a great conductor of electricity, however the steel cage of a vehicle directs the lightning charge about the car occupants and safely right into the ground. The car essentially i do not care a Faraday cage and also protects anyone inside.


People room safe indigenous lightning inside a vehicle because the steel cage directs lightning about the residents of the car and also safely right into the ground.(National Weather Service)

Once inside a car, don’t touch any type of metal and also pull turn off the road until the storm passes. A good rule of ignorance is to keep your hand in your lap till the storm passes.′s Andrew Freiden talked at length about lightning in a recent “Weather Together” facebook Live video clip on the on facebook page. Weather Together

Join Andrew Freiden for a mini-lesson on LIGHTNING!

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A couple of more tips to save in mental to remain safe native lightning as we go into the feather storm season:

1. Arrangement ahead. Perform not placed yourself in a place where girlfriend are far from safe shelter if thunderstorm chances are in the forecast. The an initial Alert Weather app is a good tool to assist you plan ahead because that being outdoors.

2. Execute not wait to seek shelter if the skies turns threatening. As soon as friend hear thunder, the is time to cancel/postpone outdoor activities and head directly to shelter. Lightning have the right to strike approximately 10 mile (rarely even up to 15 miles) front of a thunderstorm in areas where the is not raining. Many people are to win on their method to for sure shelter because they did not finish their tasks early enough.

3. Sturdy buildings and also hard topped vehicles room the only safe areas from lightning. No place outside is for sure from lightning. Picnic shelters, trees, tents, portable restrooms, baseball dugouts, etc. Are NOT for sure from lightning.


The just safe location to be during a thunderstorm is in a sturdy structure or tough topped vehicle.(National Weather Service)

4. Wait 30 minutes after the critical rumble that thunder to go earlier outside. Just as lightning have the right to strike mile ahead that a storm, lightning can also strike behind it.

5. When indoors, remain off corded phones, continue to be out that the shower, and also don’t usage a computer until the storm passes. Anything the is plugged right into a wall outlet or fastened to plumbing is risky since if a lightning bolt strikes the building or nearby, it might send an electrical charge through wiring or plumbing and also injure anyone touching it. Cabinet phones room safe.

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6. If you room stuck outside while long or camping and also have absolutely no safe sanctuary (such as a auto or building) nearby, together a last will there are a few things to do to alleviate your chances of gift struck. Acquire to the lowest spot obtainable (avoiding open locations such together fields and also water bodies consisting of lakes/rivers), and crouch down on the balls of your feet. The idea is to do yourself as little as feasible and reduce the surface ar area of her body the is poignant the ground. Again, this is a critical resort, and also NOAA actually quit recommending the “lightning crouch” in 2008 since people must not use the crouch uneven there room no better options available. If you inspect the weather forecast before going much from for sure shelter, you must never discover yourself in this situation.