virtually as if a switch to be flipped, the previous year experienced multiple supercars accomplish what was long thought impossible for a road car, every breaking 300 MPH.

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just a couple of decades ago, any production vehicle hitting 200 MPH was simply a dream. Also now, dare that have the right to surpass 200 MPH are few and far between, booked for just supercars and also the fastest performance cars. Because that years, vehicle manufacturers have been advertise the boundaries of engineering inching closer and closer to the 300-MPH barrier, something even F1 race cars are not designed come do.

Now, as if a switch was flipped, multiple cars have broken the 300-MPH barrier. The very first managed to carry out it in ~ the tail end of 2019 and all the others broke the barrier within the critical year with much more right around the corner. Here are five supercars that have either broken the obstacle or claimed to have and also another five that are so close they’ll likely break the barrier in the next couple of years.

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10 Shelby Supercars Tuatara — 331 MPH

Manhattan Motorcars
The Shelby Supercars Tuatara is right now the faster production auto in the civilization with an mean top speed of 316.11 MPH but its fastest operation clocked in at a mind-blowing 331.5 MPH on October 2020. The $1.9 million-dollar hypercar has actually 1750 HP and 1341 lb-ft that torque. Shelby to plan to build a scant 100 models i m sorry are most likely already sold.

The SSC Tuatara front Via: SSC
Shelby, which has no connection to the famed car machine Carol Shelby, no a stranger come breaking civilization records. His first supercar referred to as the can be fried Aero broke the faster production car world record back in 2007 and stole the location from the Bugatti Veyron. The Tuatara is as lot artwork together it is an design marvel. Every component from the exhaust valves to the connector pins in the electrical harness was carefully considered. Parts from space X’s rockets are also in the engine to stand up to the immense heat and pressure together with gold pins in electronic devices to prevent corrosion. video clip OF THE DAY

9 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut — 330+ MPH (Claimed)

Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut and also Via Koenigsegg Jesko Via Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg got fame through the Agera RS, a supercar the stole the faster production auto world document at a top speed of 278 MPH. Castle haven’t slowed down and they are around to relax the hardcore version of their Jesko hypercar, the Jesko Absolut. The ultra-exclusive hypercar provides 1,600 HP in a automobile that weighs around as lot as a Honda Civic. The Jesko Absolut additionally has a top-speed mode that Koenigsegg states will allow the automobile to struggle a 330 MPH height speed. This height speed has not been verified yet but based upon Koenigsegg’s history and the severe power this automobile puts down it"s most likely they’re informing the truth.

Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut rear Via Koenigsegg
The Absolut’s price tag hasn’t been revealed however but since the common Jesko goes because that $2.8 to $3 million and the hardcore variation will be more powerful and rarer you have the right to expect it come tack on significant money even prior to options. Speak of alternatives the regular Jesko has an option to make the body out of carbon fiber for simply $450,000. The Absolut will likely have a similar option which might make a completely loaded Absolut well into the $4 million range.


8 Devel 16 - 320 MPH (Target)

Devel-Sixteen via theflighter
plenty of cars insurance claim they deserve to break the 300 MPH barrier and are normally after the profitable funding without any type of proof they deserve to actually hit that target yet the Devel 16 is different. Despite they only have actually a prototype that they have currently admitted can not come close to 300 MPH yet they have actually something those various other money leeches don’t, Paolo Garella.

Devel-Sixteen via instagram
for those the don’t know, Paolo Garella to be the previous head of Pininfarina’s specialty division. He was responsible for the creation of Apollo’s V12 in other words hypercar and also the SCG 003 track-oriented performance car. The whole project is donate by significant money native Dubai and features part crazy numbers. The Devel 16 supposedly provides 5,000 HP indigenous a quad-turbo V16 engine. There will be various other variants of the hypercar the make 3,000 HP i m sorry they case can still reach the 320 MPH target. Ultimately, the automobile may fail and never with 300 MPH yet they are certainly the closest any type of startup has actually gotten.

Hennessey venom F5 Via Hennessey Performance engineering
another former civilization record holder, Hennessey is well-known for their ridiculous amendment cars ended up being a family name as soon as it stole the speed crown native the Bugatti Veyron. The gift F5 is aiming come beat Bugatti once more. Hennessey already claimed come beat the Bugatti Chiron’s height speed of 304 MPH through a meaty 311 MPH but that claim has no been verified by exterior sources yet. Many likely, they will certainly be setup up a really public display of prowess as they did v the GT beating the Veyron.

based upon Hennessey’s track document they have the right to probably execute it. The venom F5 is do of a carbon-fiber bathtub for lightness and also rigidity paired with a mid-mounted turbo V8 nicknamed “Fury” that produces 1817 HP. Follow to the spec sheet, the venom F5 hits 0-62 MPH in just 2.6 seconds. Only 24 of these ultra-exclusive cars will certainly be made v each having a $2.1 million price tag. The price renders sense as the inner isn’t completely spartan like other track-focused hypercars. Over there is leather and also other basic human comforts regardless of the outrageous numbers many thanks to the weight savings in other areas of the car. Hennessey has confirmed that more than fifty percent of all gift F5s have already been sold despite no official speed numbers. Anyone looking to obtain this monumental auto should move now.

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6 Bugatti Chiron Super sport — 304.7 MPH

Bugatti Chiron Super sport 300+ speeding ~ above the highway Via
This perform wouldn’t be finish without the first production automobile to rest the 300 MPH barrier. Bugatti is no stranger come breaking civilization records. The Veyron was the faster production automobile in the people for plenty of years and also had the longest streak in modern-day history. The hypercar had 1578 HP native a beastly W16 engine and also continues the design template of exceptionally heavy but an effective AWD to put down the power favor the Veyron. Though the Chiron Super sports is no much longer the fastest automobile in the world, it will forever it is in remembered as the very first to rest the 300 MPH barrier like the Ferrari F40 which was the an initial production automobile to break the 200 MPH barrier.

also though there are now faster cars, the Chiron Super sports is by far the most comfortable and also luxurious hypercar ~ above this list. That’s not surprising since Bugatti started as a deluxe coach builder. The almost $4 million hypercar will most likely be the most famed hypercar for decades to come.

The previous reigning champion, the Agera RS was and still is the more quickly production car under 300 MPH. The Agera hosted the title as the world fastest for almost three years prior to Bugatti took back the crown although the Jesko Absolut is a serious contender for the present fastest production vehicle in the world.

The RS variation of the renowned Agera was just built and also sold in between 2015 and 2018 i beg your pardon implemented advanced features from the One:1, just 25 devices were ever made. The RS can produce up to 992 lbs that downforce enabling it to placed down all 1,341 HP indigenous the elegantly designed 5L twin-turbo V8. If the record reflects a top speed that 277.8 MPH, that’s in reality an typical speed, in ~ one allude the Agera RS fight 285 MPH making that dangerously close to the very first car to rest 300 MPH which is why we have actually no doubt the Jesko Absolut will certainly likely come to be the fastest manufacturing car.


4 Hennessey venom GT - 270.49 MPH

Hennessey gift GT via Pinterest
Who can forget Hennessey’s triumphant and extremely public civilization record-shattering operation on the room shuttle runway, huge American flag in hand? Someone lastly took under the Bugatti’s record, one the stood so lengthy they had actually to rest their very own record. The story additionally had a rag to riches feel as Hennessey is a little independent auto tuner. The venom GT is in fact a extremely modified Lotus Elise and also not a purpose-built automobile designed native the ground as much as tackle Bugatti, one automotive large worth tens of billions of dollars.

now the entire industry knows Hennessey and all 6 Venom GTs marketed for $800,000 come $1.2 million. Even without the world record, the gift GT has 1,451 HP and also outstanding acceleration. Throughout the people record run, the gift GT accidentally damaged the acceleration people record together well. Such a rare auto is a welcome enhancement to any serious auto collection.

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The legend Bugatti Veyron to be the king of speed and held the location of world fastest production automobile not once, but twice. The Veyron EB damaged its an initial record in 2005 and also held the title for 2 years until it was damaged by SSC’s ultimate Aero. However the Super sport variant took the title back soon after and also held it for seven lengthy years. With no serious competition, Bugatti damaged their very own record just since they could.

Unlike other hypercar competitors, the Veyron did no attempt to achieve speed with shedding weight at all costs and having a an effective engine push a bare-bones frame. The Veyron was fairly heavy at end 4,400 lbs. To placed that right into perspective, that’s just 200 lbs lighter than a totally loaded Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a full-sized deluxe vehicle. So exactly how did the Veyron beat every its rivals for so long? The $2.5 million hypercar provides 1,200 HP and also 1,100 lb-ft the torque yet that’s not all. One-of-a-kind tires had to be tradition made by Michelin at a lining $42,000 per collection because no various other tires can withstand the terrifying pressures the auto put ~ above the tires. The power was efficiently put down by the weight and also a sophisticated AWD device where various other cars just had wheel spin. Ultimately, the Veyron feels an ext like a jet aircraft than a car.

below come the EVs. That no surprised that an EV would make this list through its capability to generate prompt torque. The Veyron has already proved that weight to add AWD can attain massive rate making one all-electric device loaded with hefty batteries and also state-of-the-art computer systems a significant contender. Rimac’s C_Two (concept two) has almost 1,200 HP and a lining 1,696 lb-ft of torque which renders the 0-60 MPH sprint child’s play in ~ a just 1.85 seconds and the quarter-mile at 9.1 seconds.

The truly terrifying thing about the Rimac is what the future means for speed. The $2 million hypercar is loaded through lighting fast computers that can even drive itself. Rimac insurance claims the auto has level 4 autonomous steering which method in most instances it deserve to drive without a human at all. There are additionally loads of driving modes like drift mode that coach person drivers and also can aid them do at might higher levels. However if the C_Two is anything choose Tesla car they’ll also be may be to update wirelessly making them much more efficient, faster, and also adaptable come current problems with minimal to zero tuning. That can mean everyone who deserve to afford one might be able to go ring a track as fast as a trained racing driver with just an afternoon of practice.

Tesla is the other huge EV player in the hypercar space. The completely functional concept was unveiled in 2017 and also Elon Musk cases it can go indigenous 0-60 MPH in 1.9 seconds with a height speed the 250 MPH. Despite the numbers haven’t to be tested yet, considering Tesla has hit every power goal they set so far it’s most likely the Roadster will be able to hit those speeds. The 200-kWh battery the can also be uncovered in the design S Plaid will certainly likely obtain an industry-leading 620 mile of range, with light usage of course.

aside from speed, the interior will take it the minimalist approach we’ve checked out in the model 3 and Y. The vehicle will additionally be loaded through tech including a massive center console display screen that is in portrait fairly than landscape. Through performance that deserve to rival the Rimac C_Two civilization probably imagined it would be just as expensive however Elon Musk cases the base version can be had actually for just $200,000, a fraction of what the Rimac costs. Yet there’s no telling how high that price tag deserve to climb with extras favor autonomous driving and a more robust power device that can withstand monitor conditions.

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