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There are plenty of benefits of pass your vehicle to our automobile wash, whether it it is in environmental, cost, or time. Simi Auto Spa & speed Wash has an ext reasons for you to bring your vehicles to us. We administer superior customer service and also the very best auto washing in every one of Simi Valley! We understand your going to spend some time through us, so we have listed you with a “state of the art vehicle wash facility” that’s one of the an extremely best in all of California! ours facility utilizes the an extremely best car washing equipment and a very trained and also efficient staff.

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We desire you to relax while us work difficult to serve you. We have actually multiple waiting areas from ours climate managed interior save waiting area whereby you can shop, look in ~ fish in our huge salt water aquarium, look in ~ memorabilia, watch TV and even pat checkers. We additionally have a an extremely spacious out shaded covered patio waiting area which functions a large rock fountain and cooling misters and also comfortable seats and also tables. We additionally have waiting locations at ours lube and also repair facilities.

Remember the your car is a huge investment. Keeping that invest can help pay off once it come time to offer or profession in her vehicle. Simi Auto Spa & speed Wash can assist you safeguard that invest in the best feasible way.



At Simi Auto Spa and also Speed Wash, we only use the finest Blue Coral chemicals that room safe because that the environment. We likewise only usage an average of 9 gallons of new water per vehicle to alleviate our affect on the local water supply. Top top average, washing your auto at home have the right to use end 120 gallons of fresh water. And every one of that water, together with the oil, dirt, and also brake dust that comes off v it, goes straight into the storm drain and also into our oceans and also rivers affecting our wildlife and our fresh water supply.

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Whether you need a full organization wash, a rapid 5 minute exterior wash, a complete detail, one oil change, or automotive repair, Simi Auto Spa and also Speed wash is her one avoid shop for every one of your vehicle care needs.