One month after filing for divorce and also one week after reuniting in ras Vegas, on-again, off-again couple Cardi B and also Offset room officially back the very least for best now.

In one Instagram Live ~ above Thursday, the “WAP” rapper spoke frankly to she fans around the condition of your relationship, saying, “Listen y’all, I’m simply a stunner bitch. Girlfriend know how I be saying with y’all on society media? That’s exactly how we are between me and my man. So when civilization be saying ns be act shit because that attention with this and also that, no, I’m simply a crazy bitch.”

“One day ns happy, the next day i wanna to win up,” she continued. “I just be starting to miss . It’s difficult not to speak to your finest friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your finest friend. And it’s really difficult to have actually no dick."

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Rumors the the pair had rekindled their romance an initial began as soon as the rappers reunited to celebrate Cardi's birthday with a huge, mask-free party in las Vegas end the weekend. In one Instagram Story indigenous the event, Cardi can be viewed kissing counter after he gave her a completely customized rolfes Royce finish with a equivalent $8,000 monogrammed vehicle seat for your two-year-old daughter, Kulture.

Cardi filed for divorce native the Migos rapper nearly exactly one month ago, claiming in the paperwork the their marriage was “irretrievably broken” and also “there space no prospects for a reconciliation,” which, clearly, is no much longer the case. In a video clip on she OnlyFans explaining her reasoning behind filing, the rapper likewise seemed come hint the she was open up to seeing exactly how their relationship plays the end in the future, explaining, “I don’t have a bad relationship through my baby father in ~ all. Ns don't have no hatred in the direction of him and I don't great him nothing bad and I understand that the feels the same way about me.”

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