It"s to be 36 hours since Cardi B appeared at the Met Gala in basically a couture vagina, and she"s currently flashing to another iconic look. This one"s lilac and also slick, and also unlike her Thom Browne couture piece, you can actually to buy it beginning tonight.

The "fit comes from her second Fashion Nova collection, which launched online in ~ midnight EST and includes 107 pieces for every Instagram thirst trap imaginable.

Cardi B"s press release claims the range "is influenced by "80s and also "90s influences, balanced with themes the empowerment and rebellion... The collection has actually an overarching sexiness to create a brand-new urban subculture every its own."

But what go the Billboard conquerer say about it herself? We referred to as her to discover out...

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You"re well known for make hits out of everything. What"s the new Fashion Nova piece that"s walk to sell out first?I’m not certain what’s gonna be the greatest hit yet, due to the fact that everything looks therefore good! and also something i learned from doing the last collection is the everyone has different tastes. Yet this time around, the clothes are walk to it is in a little an ext sexy. You’re walking to watch a many skin. A the majority of cleavage. However yet it’s so pretty and also so elegant. I made sure it was sexy but likewise beautiful.

I love her style, however I"m afraid to look at sexy! I"m type of shy.

Are friend really? No....

I"m fear of my boobs. What"s your advice for women who need a small push into sex bomb territory?

I mean, girlfriend don’t have to present skin to be sexy! You deserve to stay covered up, yet you need to wear other that’s flattering your body, you recognize what I’m saying? sometimes I don’t even display my entirety body, and also still I recognize it"s a really sexy look. It has to do v flattery and also the method you perform your face and hair to go v the look. Friend don’t gotta it is in sexy by mirroring everything. You execute it by understanding your body shape, and also what you want to display off. And make certain you got the appropriate accessories! you gotta commit to the full look.

Any possibility looking sexy contains flats?

Ehhh... The fact is, heels is always gonna it is in sexier. They contour her body means better. Lock make her legs watch prettier. They put your target higher. Heels exist for a reason, you know? you gotta make them a part of your life.


When go you get heels in your life?I used to constantly play with my mom"s heels when I was younger. I"d placed them on and wear them approximately the house, also when they were vast on me. I"d beg her to buy me pairs of kiddie heels. It"s constantly been mine thing. I feel choose I tried wearing heels the 2nd I can walk.

Will you let your daughter Kulture wear heels if she asks?

I think I"ll do the very same thing my mom did because that me—like, she have the right to wear them, however only approximately the house. That"s the rule; the heels stay inside the house.

What else carry out you want to teach her about fashion?

The very first lesson I want her to understand is don’t be as well extra. Much less is more, you know? Elegance takes that all, every time. You can never walk wrong with elegance. I desire her to find out that the most.


Your Met Gala look to be very elegant. Does its designer, Thom Browne, understand you design for Fashion Nova? has he seen any kind of of her pieces?Thank you! friend know, Thom Browne, my friend told me he’s a Libra. And also that"s why he"s an extremely shy! ns really didn"t desire to interrupt him during because it was such an intense amount that work, girlfriend know? so I"m not certain he knows I have actually a collection, yet he knows my body shape exactly. <Laughing.>

And you wore fifty percent a million dissension ruby nipples. Walk they make it home safely at the finish of the night?

They go ago to Stefere , uneven Thom Browne wanted to keep them - i don"t know!

Your very first film, Hustlers, comes out this Fall. Execute you obtain to undertake Fashion Nova in it?

No, I had actually to stay straight-up stripper outfits for it—all of us did! i didn"t gain to wear anything the nice. But you know, the turned out that i only gained to be in the movie for someday of shooting, because my schedule is so stunner overbooked. My life best now? It"s crazy. And on the day i shot Hustlers, I performed and also then I had actually to take it a flight straight to Iowa. And also then tonight, favor right ~ this? ns fly come L.A. My human body is so tired right now, that can"t execute anything.

I don"t know, it"s act a nice awesome interview...

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and then it"s walk to remainder for a minute.

Shop Cardi B"s 2nd Fashion Nova repertoire at midnight EST tonight.

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