Cardi B’s rapid & Furious 9 Cameo Explained prior to F9 released, couple of details to be revealed around Cardi B"s hyped cameo appearance. Here"s what her duty looks like as Dom"s old friend Leysa.

Cardi B in F9
Rapper and songwriter Cardi B makes a cameo illustration in the long-anticipated F9 film, and here"s what her duty looks favor for the Fast & Furious universe. Originally set for an international release in April 2020, F9 to be one of numerous films that confronted delays due to the pandemic, though its premiere was also pushed earlier by the release of the Hobbs & demonstrate spinoff in 2019. Filming for F9 began in the autumn of 2019, and Vin Diesel shared the news ~ above Instagram the Cardi B had actually joined the cast.

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As a sequel to 2017"s The Fate the the Furious, F9 is the ninth main installment for the franchise. This film sees Diesel"s Dominic "Dom" Toretto attempting to clear up down v his wife, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), and also their son, Brian. However soon after discovering that his estranged brother, Jakob (John Cena), is connected in a heist including a weapons hacking device, Dom find himself back in the facility of the action. Finish with the saga"s signature car racing and action scenes, F9 also has a mix of familiar and new characters, to add a literal meaning out-of-this-world adventure.

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Cardi B joins an superior list that actors and actresses with cameos in the franchise. For F9, appearances are likewise made by Helen Mirren, gal Gadot, and Jason Statham. Leading approximately the film"s release, most of the details bordering Cardi B"s character were maintained under wraps. Manager Justin Lin had an excellent things to say around the rapper"s authorized in the film. "I love Cardi... She verified up and within a minute she"s component of the family," he stated (via Newsweek). He likewise alluded to she F9 character and also her lowkey however long-standing existence in the Fast universe: "She"s been around for a long time and this is just the very first time we space seeing her, for this reason I"m yes, really excited to check out that." Here"s what the movie explores thus far with Cardi B"s character.

F9 Cardi B as Leysa
In Fast & Furious 9, Cardi B plays the function of Leysa, an old girlfriend of Dom"s. It"s assumed that they met in ~ some allude when Dom remained in the Dominican Republic. When Queenie Shaw bring Dom to Hatfield residence in London, that is greeted through Leysa, that is attending Otto"s party there. Otto has actually Dom arrested after Dom and Jakob have actually a heated exchange, and also things watch pretty grim for Dom once he"s captured by Interpol. Yet when the agents eliminate their masks, it turns out to be Leysa and also her very own team. She speak Dom she is working for Queenie and gives him his brother"s gun, which includes biometric prints that deserve to be provided to track his location. Thanks to her assistance, Dom is able to escape.

Cardi B F9 behind the scenes clip
The Grammy Award-winning rapper has other costar Vin Diesel to give thanks to for she entrance into the Fast universe. According to Cinema Blend, Diesel"s daughter is a pan of Cardi B, and he got to out to her after working v the writers to view if she"d it is in interested in a role the F9 movie. She agreed, and the franchise post a video come its YouTube channel during which Cardi B talked around her enthusiasm for joining the cast. "Vin Diesel reached out and also he to be talking about a role. I"m like, "It"s freakin" Fast & Furious. Gain me there - put me on a plane!" she said.

Will Cardi B Return In fast & Furious 10?

The Rock john Cena quick & Furious
Yes, Cardi B"s Leysa will show up in the upcoming Fast & Furious 10, and it"s rumored that she"ll additionally appear in the potential all-female spinoff.

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 Diesel revealed that fans will get to see an ext of Cardi B and her character"s storyline as the franchise philosophies its conclusion (via ET). "We are an extremely much excited come evolve she character and to increase it to the finale," that said. "She made it simply in time. She come in rapid 9 just in time." contrasted to F9, the sounds favor Cardi B will have more than just a cameo walk forward.