Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx had offered to action down end the sex-related abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. The pope agreed the the Church requirements to it is in reformed.

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The pope rejected the cardinal"s resignation, yet agreed through the must reform the Catholic Church

Pope Francissaid that he rubbish the sell of resignation from the Archbishop of Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx in a letter released by the Vatican on Thursday.

Marx had actually told the pope he would step down between the sexual abuse situation that has actually plagued the Catholic Church in recent years. Marx has actually not to be accused of sexual abuse himself, but called that a "matter of sharing responsibility."

The Catholic Church in Germany has actually been shaken through a barrage that allegations the members that the priest have lugged out wide-ranging abuse against minors for years.

What walk the pope say?

The pope said that the was approximately every bishop, not just Marx, to take obligation for the "catastrophe" the the abuse crisis.

"Continue together you propose (in her pastoral work) yet as Archbishop of Munich and also Freising," the pope created to Marx, introduce to the place he was offering to vacate.

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German Cardinal Reinhard Marx uses resignation come pope

While the pope refuse to expropriate Marx"s resignation, he agreed the it was crucial to present a reform "that doesn"t consist of in native but perspectives that have the vessel of putting oneself in crisis, that assuming reality regardless of the consequences.""

"The whole Church is in crisis because of the abuse issue" and "the Church cannot continue without tackling this crisis. The policy of burying the head in the sand leads nowhere," Pope Franciswrote.

Christian Weisner, spokesperson because that the Catholic reform movement We space Church, dubbed the pope"s response a sign of "fraternal reinforcement," including that it showed that "even much more than a change in personnel, a structural, mental and spiritual readjust is needed."

Why go Cardinal Marx desire to resign?

The 67-year-old German cardinal publishedhis letter of resignation— dated might 21— critical Friday. In his letter, he claimed that investigations end the past 10 year have presented the "institutional and also systemic failure" in ~ the Catholic Church.

He also complained the "some in the church carry out not want to acknowledge this facet of co-responsibility and also thus likewise complicity the the institution" and were therefore opposed to vital reform.

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A examine commissioned by the German Bishops" Conference under Marx"s presidency and released in 2018 verified that 1,670 clergymen had committeda type of sexual attack against 3,677 minors, largely boys, indigenous 1946 with 2014.