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Brady Kahle, Springfield boy offering baseball cards because that friends v cancer, in national news spotlight


SPRINGFIELD -- ~ above Wednesday night, 10-year-old Brady Kahle Skyped with "Inside Edition" prior to going come bed. This morning "Mike & Mike" the ESPN and the master of "Good Morning America" were talking around the Springfield young who has actually raised thousands of dollars because that his friend battling cancer.

"They just asked me how I obtained it started and what do me think the it," said Brady, who has now excellent dozens that interviews around his initiatives to aid his friends.

"It was just a common Wednesday night," claimed his mom, Jessie Kahle, laughing. "Seriously, though, the is not fazed through it. The is tho a regular kid."

It was nearly a year ago, in February 2016, when Brady heard his parents talking around his girlfriend Landen Palatino and how his mommy needed to take time off of job-related to treatment for him since he had just to be diagnosed with mind cancer.

Brady, an avid sports fan and also baseball map collector, argued selling several of his lover cards come raise money because that the family.

Eleven months later, Brady has actually raised nearly $15,000 -- sufficient to aid not only Landen and also his family, but also Ben Manzi, another young friend who was diagnosed with leukemia about the very same time as Landen obtained his diagnosis.

"It has been incredible how giving world have to be to this cause. Brady has done the card show (at the Chicopee guys & girl Club) once a month every month and every one of the money goes in the direction of the two families," Jessie Kahle said.

Yesterday ABC.com go a short video clip on Brady and also his year-long effort. This morning "Mike & Mike" spent number of minutes mentioning him on your show.

"We to be at about $13,000 and just in between 9 a.m. And now we have raised second $2,000, nearly $1,000 coming from the sale of Cards 4 a cause T-shirts we have actually been selling," Jessie Kahle said.

The T-shirt sales will continue through Jan. 22. T-shirts deserve to be purchased at www.booster.com/cards4acauseshirsts.

Since his first card show, Brady and also Landen have actually been interviewed through radio and TV stations throughout the country. The two friends have additionally thrown out the an initial pitch at a Boston Red Sox game and also even acquired to satisfy Star Wars personalities from the 501st brand-new England Garrison.

Brady was provided his very own custom baseball card by upper Deck and also got to offer his items at a national card show.

"I think what renders this even much more special is the they space just constant kids," Jessie Kahle said. "Brady is not a yes, really talkative kid; he's no out there trying to market himself. Human being just believe in what he's doing since it originates from his heart."

Because there has been together an outpouring of donations not just of money but also of sporting activities memorabilia, the family has determined to make the initiative a nonprofit organization.

"We have actually sat down with Brady numerous times and talked to him about whether or no he desires to keep doing this, and also every time he states yes," Jessie Kahle said. "If he desires to perform it then we are right here to support him."

All the the money elevated so much has been distributed between Landen and Ben's families. Jessie Kahle claimed their hope is to assist even an ext families once the initiative becomes a registered nonprofit.

Anyone interested in donating high quality sports memorabilia because that Brady to sell at his map shows can send it to 1576 State St., Springfield, MA 01109.

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