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The 41-year-old singer released her recent single, "All I know So Far," ~ above Friday, together with its accompanying music video, whichfeatures her husband, Carey Hart, their two kids, 9-year-old daughter Willowand 4-year-old kid Jameson, Cher and also Judith Light.

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Directed byGRAMMY-winning director Dave Meyers, the video begins with Pink asking Willow if she wants to hear a story prior to bed. "Ugh, Mom, i don"t want to listen a fairytale," willow says."I"m no fiveyears old anymore."

"Oh c"mon. Perhaps I have actually a various story you"ll like," Pink responds. "Once ~ above a time there to be a girl who was nine. She preferred to be alone, assumed she was all grown. Think you obtained attitude and sass? Doesn"t organize a candle to this bada**. She was fueled by she anger, and also anger was she fuel. She hated she family and also everyone at school."

"Sometimes she"d go crazy, psycho, unhinged. Usually when her mama went turn off on a binge. She had no direction, she was always so stressed. Every she knew is that she didn"t desire to be like the rest," she continues."This is my story, it"s mine to tell, around how i learned exactly how to an outbreak of my cell. There"s only one method you deserve to truly live free, the lies in the power of as soon as "I" i do not care "me.""

The video then transitions right into a scene through Pink, rocking her old-school glowing pink locks, falling native the sky and stomach-first top top a cactus. "I haven"t always been this way, ns wasn"t born a renegade," she sings. "Felt alone, still feel afraid. Ns stumble v it anyway."

"I wish someone would have told methat this life is our to choose," she continues. "No one"s handing friend the keys or a publication with every the rules."

Light, that playsthe young girl"smother in the video, an initial shows up about the 0:22mark, while Cher shows up at 2:59, wearing a dress and also thorn crown together a visionin the sky. Watch below:

The new track and music video comes just days after ~ news damaged that Pink will get the symbol Award in ~ the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.The three-time BBMA winner will also perform in ~ the show, broadcasting live from the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, might 23.

"As a tiny girl, I constantly dreamed about being a singer and sharing my love of music v the world,"Pink called Billboard in a statement. "Years later, to receive the Billboard Music Awards symbol Award is difficult to fathom! i feel therefore honored to join the ranking of music idols prefer Cher, Garth Brooks, Janet Jackson and also Stevie Wonder. It’s a true "pinch me" moment and also I feel humbled and also blessed."

Earlier this year, Pink additionally announced the sheteamed up with Amazon Prime video for an upcoming documentary about her life ~ above tour. The project, titledP!NK: all I recognize So Far, follows the singerduring her record-breaking 2019Beautiful Traumaworld tour, together she travels, balances being a mom, a wife, a boss and also a performer.

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"MAY 21st. Every I know SO FAR. Directed by the one and also only Michael Gracey. Starring the cutest kids, do by me. I’m in there, too 👩🏼‍🎤," Pink wrote on Instagram in ~ the time, alongside the official poster for the documentary. "Come jump on thetour bus and also see exactly how it really goes. Cause it’s Wembley F**king Stadium."

Hear more on Pink and her household in the video clip below.


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