Carey Mulligan in ~ the 7th yearly Dubai international Film Festival in Dubai, joined Arab Emirates, top top Dec. 13, Michelle Williams through Kate Winslet at a "Blue Valentine" Screening in new York top top Nov. 30.Photo: Getty Images

When actress Carey Mulligan proved up in ~ the Dubai international Film Festival critical night to honor other actor Colin Firth because that his variety International Star that the Year award, we couldn"t assist but perform a twin take. She looked SO lot like another actress, Michelle Williams! and the comparisons walk far beyond their shared platinum pixie cuts. Carey"s black shift dress bore an uncanny resemblance to a Balenciaga frock Michelle wore last month in ~ a screening of her new movie Blue Valentine. Not to mention, the "twins" also wore comparable strappy shoes with said dress! Which obtained us to thinking...are this stylish stars share tips? due to the fact that this is no the an initial time we"ve noticed their comparable taste in red carpet attire. Take it a look...

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Carey Mulligan on Dec. 5, Michelle Williams on Oct. 15.Photo: Getty Images

Both ladies determined the same warm red hue for red carpet appearances this fall season. Carey wore a shining red Prabal Gurung halter dress to the brothers Independent film Awards in London top top Dec. 5, while Michelle made decision the same shade for she lacy Erdem dress at the Blue Valentine Premiere in London two months previously on Oct. 15.



Carey Mulligan in Los Angeles top top Nov. 4, Michelle Williams in brand-new York on Dec. 7.Photo: Getty Images

Did Michelle Williams take catalyst from Carey Mulligan"s silver beaded top and black skirt through Preen native Nov. 4 when she decided her silver, white, and also black Azzaro mini for the new York premiere that Blue Valentine ~ above Dec. 7? It certain does look that way!



Carey Mulligan ~ above Sept. 8, Michelle Williams ~ above Sept. 5.Photo: WireImage

Both Carey and Michelle recently shown their affection for beige and bows. Carey Mulligan wore a silk Marc Jacobs dress v a crystal bow front come a push conference for she film Never let Me Go in Beverly Hills top top Sept. 8, when days previously on Sept. 5, Michelle opted for a comparable look in a Jason Wu gown because that the Meek"s Cutoff premiere in ~ the Venice international Film Festival.

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Carey Mulligan on may 3, Michelle Williams on may 18.Photo: WireImage

Carey and also Michelle both picked pockets and similar fabrics for your high-necked frocks in may 2010. Carey wore a violet lace Miu Miu dress to the Costume institute Gala advantage in new York on might 3, while Michelle Williams wore a Suno mini come a Blue Valentine photocall in ~ the Cannes movie Festival on may 18.



Carey Mulligan top top March. 5, Michelle Williams on might 20.Photo: WireImage

Both girls glittered with embellishments earlier this year. Carey Mulligan wore a studded Christopher Kane dress to the film Independent heart Awards in Los Angeles on in march 5, and also a few months after that May 20, Michelle showed up at the Cannes movie Festival in this sequined Sonia Rykiel mini.

+ Sure, they look alike, but whose layout do friend prefer—Carey Mulligan or Michelle Williams?