Teamsters local Union 455 company Agent Kevin Potter addresses a team of protestors assembled exterior of Cargill Meat solutions in ft Morgan, Colorado on Wednesday, June 10, 2020. (Jack Harvel/Fort Morgan Times)

A tiny group of around 15 protestors and union representatives staged a protest external of Cargill Meat solutions in ft Morgan on Wednesday.

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The gathering was component of a national campaign that took place in over 30 cities throughout the country to demand a safe rectal for food chain workers.

“COVID-19 cases have currently been report at 115 meat and poultry processing facilities throughout 19 states, with much more than 5,000 food supply chain workers experimentation positive and more than 20 killed from the virus,” a push release indigenous the Teamsters Union read.

Teamsters regional Union 455 organization Agent Mario Balderas speaks to other protestors at the Food it is provided Chain Workers host Nationwide job of activity at the Cargill tree in ft Morgan. The protest was meant to ensure workers were given the important protections to work-related safely during the COVID-19 epidemic. (Jack Harvel/Fort Morgan Times) 6.10.20

Cargill report 89 workers who have actually tested confident for COVID-19, 7 presumed positive and also four deaths to the Colorado department of Health and Environment as of Wednesday. Cargill has embraced many measures that would certainly hinder the virus’ spread like pre-work questionnaires, temperature checks, dividers in between dining spaces, compelled masks, boosted sanitation and more.

“We’re participating in now of action to contact on state government, job such together Cargill and also other union to join us in the fight v this pandemic,” Teamster 455 company Agent Kevin Potter said. “We represent nearly 1,800 people here, it’s necessary that us don’t gain complacent.”

Many that the participants were appreciative that the guidelines in place, and also hoped Cargill would certainly be committed to keeping them as much more and much more businesses inch back towards their normal operations. Concerns around testing employees were raised.

“We deserve to shield and also we deserve to do the masks, yet it’s not enough,” Potter said. “Without experimentation we’re no going to know who’s asymptomatic coming right into the plant.”

The protest to be in support of a four-part procedure to manage the spread of the virus that they call the shield, test, trace and treat approach.

“Right currently we’re absent a couple of of those steps,” Potter said. “Right currently we’re just shielding and also we’re treating the folks who are acquiring sick, for this reason we should do something much more than that.”

The press release offered a path to execute so which includes, “providing PPE for all workers; adjusting occupational practices for social distancing; prioritizing constant COVID-19 testing and also tracing for food it is provided chain workers; and totally free healthcare and also quarantine pay to stop outbreaks for all workers influenced by COVID-19.”

Potter commended Cargill on their overall technique but stated there is still much more to be done. He added that danger pay must be expanded through the totality of the epidemic.

“They contact it hazard pay; we call it hero pay. We’re in search of them to action up and also continue payment that. It’s important to let them know that these civilization are appreciated, they are essential workers and also we’re not v this yet,” Potter said.

The press release from the union emphasize the prestige of preserving the truth of the food chain.

“The food supply chain, which accounts for an ext than 20 million work (11% of total U.S. Employment) and over 5% of the U.S. GDP, is experiencing significant shortages and is at danger of further interruptions as the pandemic continues and also with the hazard of a 2nd wave,” the release said.

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It’s uncertain if, as soon as or how severe a second wave of COVID situations could be. Outbreak data will proceed to be accumulated by local, state and also national health and wellness departments.