While most people probably recognize Carice valve Houten native her duty as Melisandre top top Game of Thrones native 2012-2019, van Houten has a well-off filmography, complete of occupational from both her indigenous Netherlands and also the unified States.

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But due to the fact that Game that Thrones ended, what has Carice van Houten to be up to? Let’s take a look at at where she came from and also what she doing now.

Dutch Beginnings


Carice valve Houten was born in Leiderdorp, Netherlands ~ above September 5, 1976. In high school, valve Houten played her first leading role in Hugo Claus’ play, Tiji Uolenspieghel. After high school, she would study for a quick time in ~ the Maastricht Academy the Dramatic Arts and the Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam.

Carice van Houten’s an initial lead duty on the display screen was in the television film Suzy Q. The film would play in ~ the Netherlands film Festival, wherein it would be nominated for their gold Calf award, however Carice would success an award for ideal Actress in a TV Drama. She would as soon as again success a gold Calf, this time for ideal Actress, for her 2002 movie Undercover Kitty. In 2005, she would when again get a nomination for ideal Actress in Zwarte zwanen.

Black Book

In 2006, Carice van Houten would star in Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book. In ~ the time, v a budget of 16 million euros, Black Book was the many expensive movie in dutch history, however it would likewise go ~ above to come to be the country’s most commercially successful film together well. Black Book would success three golden Calves, awarding it best Film, finest Director of a function Film and also Van Houten an additional award for ideal Actress. Black Book to be nominated for a BAFTA for best Film not in the English Language, and also was the Netherland’s submission for finest Foreign Language film at the Academy Awards in 2007. In a 2008 poll, just two year after that is release, the Dutch civilization would name Black Book the finest Dutch film ever made.

Carice valve Houten would proceed to receive critical acclaim for several various other Dutch productions, consisting of winning the gold Calf for ideal Actress in 2010’s Stricken, 2011’s The Happy Housewife, and 2012’s Black Butterflies.

Carice valve Houten In America

Carice van Houten’s first American job-related was in the small 2001 film, AmnesiA, but by the end of the 2000s, she would appear in a pair of significant 2008 films: Tom Cruise’s film, Valkyrie and Ridley Scott’s Body the Lies, return she was cut from the last film.

The fifth Estate

Since then, Carice van Houten has appeared in together notable movies as 2010’s Repo Men, together Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, the Julian Assange film, The fifth Estate in 2013 and also Race, wherein she would certainly play Triumph of the Will director Leni Riefenstahl.

Carice van Houten on video game of Thrones


Carice van Houten would join the cast of Game of Thrones in its 2nd season at Melisandre. She would certainly play the role until the final season.

For her power in her final episode, the actress obtained an Emmy nomination for impressive Guest Actress in a Drama Series. She to be nominated regardless of HBO no submitting she for poll consideration. Carice valve Houten, alongside co-stars Alfie Allen and Gwendoline Christie, every self-submitted their name for consideration and paid the fees to show up on the ballot, and all three got nominations.

Melisandre on video game of Thrones

The Melisandre actress would likewise receive display screen Actors Guild award nominations for impressive Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama series for her work-related on Game of Thrones, receiving nominations in 2014, 2016, and 2017.

After making she Game the Thrones debut in 2011, Carice valve Houten make a couple of other significant television appearances. In 2015, she showed up on The Simpsons as Annika valve Houten, Milhouse’s cousin native the Netherlands. In 2016, she would additionally play Melisandre – amongst other personalities – top top an illustration of Robot Chicken.

Writing and Singing

In 2012, Carice valve Houten released her debut album in the Netherlands, entitled “See you On The Ice.” She had previously recorded her own vocals because that songs in Black Book and also recently worked with Mercury Rev.

The album view You ~ above The Ice

In 2013, the Game that Thrones actress published a book with her Black book and Valkyrie co-star and also friend Halina Reijn. The book, Anti Glamour, was a parody of style guides and also explored your friendship and look at your lives as soon as they room not in front of the camera.

Carice van Houten Now


Now 44-years-old Carice van Houten has remained in a partnership with Memento star man Pearce because 2015 and also on august 2016, the pair had their very first child together.

Soon ~ her final appearance top top Game the Thrones, Carice van Houten would certainly star alongside Mark solid and Daniel Mays in the collection Temple, based on the Norwegian show, Valkyrien. The show made that premiere in in march of this year ~ above Spectrum. The series follows note Strong’s Daniel, a surgeon that runs an illegal clinical clinic to aid patients who refuse help from usual medical facilities.

Scene native Temple

In 2019, Carice van Houten would appear in three films: the Czech Republic drama, The Glass Room, the Brian De Palma-directed Domino, which reunited Van Houten v her Game that Thrones co-star, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and also Instinct, command by van Houten’s girlfriend Halina Reijn, and was the Netherland’s submission for best International function Film at the Academy Awards.

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Carice van Houten has already had fairly an active 2020. In September, she showed up in the Alexandra Daddario film, Lost girls & Love Hotels. Valve Houten is likewise once again reuniting v Halina Reijn as creative producers for Red Light, which will certainly air ~ above Dutch tv this year. Red Light is about three ladies within the people of prostitution and sex trafficking.