ad for the huge Game Surpasses Previous results from campaigns Starring Kate Upton, Paris Hilton and Nina Agdal

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Charlotte McKinney stars in the record-setting Carl"s Jr. All-Natural Burger ad for the big Game. (Photo Credit: Fab Fernandez and also CKE Restaurants)


Charlotte McKinney stars in the record-setting Carl"s Jr. All-Natural Burger ad for the large Game. (Photo Credit: Fab Fernandez and also CKE Restaurants)


Carl"s Jr."s “Au Naturel” commercial for the fast-food an initial All-Natural Burger has actually turned star and 21-year-old Floridian design Charlotte McKinney right into an overnight pop society phenomenon and has generated more media fist and video clip views at a faster rate than any ad campaign in the company’s history. (Photo Credit: Fab Fernandez and also CKE Restaurants)

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“Carl’s Jr. Has actually long been renowned for not only occurring innovative burgers and also other food selection items the are new to rapid food, however for heralding them in a way that ours target audience that ‘Young Hungry Guys’ can’t seem come get sufficient of,” stated Brad Haley, chef marketing officer because that Carl’s Jr. “However, the success of our Super Bowl advertisement starring the lover Charlotte McKinney is unprecedented. In much less than two weeks, the commercial because that the brand-new All-Natural Burger has actually generated practically 2.5 exchange rate media impressions and also 9.5 million YouTube see – two milestone records that were reached quicker than any ad in our history. Congratulations and also thanks to Charlotte for utilizing her feeling of humor, acting talent, and also stunning good looks to create a bit of quick food advertising background with us. Us wish her well on what I’m certain will be a an extremely successful career.”

the her recent notoriety McKinney says, “It’s to be so surreal starring in the current Carl’s Jr. Super bowl ad. They’re such an top brand special so countless different females over the years and I feel fortunate to be a part of this campaign.”

impossible to ignore, the “Au Naturel” ad shows McKinney in what appears to be her most organic state together she browses a regional farmer’s industry while enjoying her Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Burger, a fast-food industry very first featuring a grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef patty with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Suggestively highlighting the services of walking au naturel, viewers deserve to see that the All-Natural citizens is as all-natural together Charlotte herself.

despite airing in just the western half of the country, the ad, which was created by Los Angeles- and also Amsterdam-based an innovative agency 72andSunny, has garnered top market accolades and impressive stats, making AdAge’s index of most Engaging Ads and ranking the third most common Super key ad throughout all society media networks combined (Source: change Communications).

In addition, the accompanying society media campaign, i m sorry featured McKinney taking over the Carl’s Jr. Twitter handle during the huge Game, aided generate end 4,500 Carl’s Jr.-related tweets that totaled more than 41 million impressions.

because its launch in restaurants Dec. 17, solid sales that the All-Natural Burger have exceeded prediction every week and also were the strongest to day during the week of the huge Game as soon as the ad was an initial unveiled.

“It’s clear the there is not just interest in much more natural menu options, but additionally in the kind of break-through advertising Carl’s Jr. And also sister chain Hardee’s create to encourage our brand-new menu items,” Haley continued.

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