I’ve been a huge fan of her burgers for a lengthy time. You’ve constantly had a distinct taste that maintained me coming back. Climate you males came up through those unbelievable milkshakes. They are the ideal of any kind of milkshakes around. Then there is your

breakfast! few of my finest memories consists of waking increase early and also heading under to Trestles coast in mountain Clemente, and there you were…open early with a clean bathroom and a huge bacon and also egg burrito to assist me down the trail to surf few of the finest waves in Southern California. What memories! and you were component of that!

I’ve eaten at your establishment much more times 보다 I have the right to remember because of the reality that you have a location right across the street from my office building. You space the just drive-thru for miles…so once I’m in a hurry…you do it really easy. As soon as I was little…I’d obtain a tiny happy stars meal and also it would certainly make me happy…

But points have readjusted between me and also you. Your small smiling stars now make me frown. I haven’t consumed your food for at least 2 years now. So countless times I’m in a hurry during a busy occupational day and also your food sound so great to me but I simply won’t allow myself…because the what you stand for now.

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Let me describe myself. Awhile earlier you started a nasty small campaign to push the limits of what is agree in your commercials. It began to become really awkward once one of your commercials would come on in in between time outs when my family was watching a basketball game together. We would certainly just divert our attention and talk around something else or rotate the channel for the moment being. However now you’re just going to far. You’re obtaining sneakier v time and also I’m not certain what come do.


We don’t have TV in our home and so we’re able to shun a lot of the filth…but my wife took my kids to a restaurant v her sister and her youngsters last week and also she associated an suffer she had with you. My kids are 8 and 6. One girl and one boy. The girl is 8 and also she’s acquisition it all in. In the restaurant castle ate at… a TV playing sports was clearly shows from their table. Sports room awesome…and clean…and that is an noticeable reason why the restaurant would have that on. It’s something the the whole family deserve to watch. That restaurant would never dream of throw in a porn flick for all of their customers to clock while castle ate…especially with little kids around. But…you…you have discovered a method around that haven’t you! you figure…that if girlfriend can speak to it a “commercial” then it will get aired in between programs that space acceptable for everyone. You are knowingly sneaking porn right into the mental of our children and desensitizing the entirety family by calling the a “commercial” and having it only run for 30 seconds. It’s really not a advertising though. It’s a 30 second porn flick. Ns don’t know exactly how you clear it with the networks. Probably they’re in ~ fault together well. Every I recognize is that it sucks!

It simply so taken place (as my wife connected it to me) that while every one of the kids eyes were glued to your favorite sports team…out of the blue…comes your most recent commercial. 2 women nigh unto naked falling over each other flaunting your most recent creation. I’ve acquired to give it to your marketing room though. They space smart. They found a method to get the many bang for your buck. They uncovered a method to fringe top top lesbianism and also yet at the same time acquire men come think that 2 women is far better than one. As with your meats. Two meats is better than one right? Is the the message you’re trying to convey?

I don’t understand what every one of the other dads in the United states wants for their daughters…but I know I don’t want mine to ever before see this stuff specifically at together a young and also impressionable age. I additionally don’t desire her reasoning she has to be like among these women in stimulate to be attractive to a guy. And also oh all those poor tiny boys that room going to be raised with a false feeling of what a woman need to be. You are destroying everything the a woman have to be 30 seconds at a time…almost together if you’re administering mental poison by degrees, and also you’re acquisition the young human being with you. A little bit the shock worth here and a tiny bit that shock worth there until it’s just “ok”. If you were a TV present or a movie through a rating…then us would understand how and also when to protect against you, yet you room sneaky…and it’s difficult to retract those pictures once they’ve struggle their tiny brains. You’ve simply taught my innocent little daughter that it’s cool and also hip and alright to end up being sexually promiscuous with other girls and to present your body to the world. Is that what you desire the kids of the country thinking about every time they go to acquire a burger or happen by among your happy star smily faces? You’re walk to revolve all those innocent smily faces (that has been the icon of her brand for years) right into depressed small sad encounters both male and female alike since of her messaging.

I recognize what you’re going come say. You’re in it for the money and sex sells…right? You’re going to tell me the it’s my duty to security my kids from that stuff and also you’re right! yet seriously…you are getting too reliable at acquiring in front of people’s encounters at the times they the very least expect it. You don’t need to teach the youth that the nation that women have to be looked at together meat. Your food is awesome! friend don’t must do what you’re doing in bespeak to sell your food. What type of “meat” space you trying to sell approximately there anyway? Sex has actually nothing to carry out with a cheeseburger. Ns don’t view the connection at all. There space plenty of various other food joints that space doing great without destroying the mental of the climbing generation.

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I’m simply begging you…on behalf of every the dads, and also all the youth of our nation, come go back to offering burgers and also get far from marketing sex and promiscuity. When my children are old enough to surf Trestles…I want them to be able to grab a breakfast enjoy the meal from you instead of heading under the street. Those room memories I desire to have with them…and I’m hope you deserve to help. Ns don’t desire them to watch that red and yellow smiling star and also the just memory that comes to mind is two fringe lesbians getting sexual with close come nothing on. Every it takes is a shift in your marketing campaign to execute it…and for what it’s worth…you’ll have four brand-new customers right off the bat.