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Soon ~ officials identified Carley McCord as one of the 5 victims in the Lafayette plane crash top top Saturday, the tributes began pourin…

The team is play Oklahoma ~ above Saturday afternoon. Steve Ensminger will certainly coach in the game, LSU officials confirmed to The Advocate.

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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron spoke to ESPN"s Holly Rowe before the game, and also said, "Our thoughts and also prayers out to him. Steve and also his wife, his family members are for this reason distraught." Rowe said throughout the game"s broadcast the Orgeron damaged the news that McCord"s death to Ensminger before LSU"s game.

Born on July 24, 1989, and also raised in Baton Rouge, McCord began her career in sports journalism after ~ graduating from Northwestern State in 2011 and Louisiana State university in 2013 through a bachelor"s in transfer journalism.

McCord"s many recent positions were together a digital media reporter for the Louisiana sporting activities Hall the Fame and also the in-game host for the new Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

"Not only was Carley terrific representative the the Saints and also Pelicans organizations, she was also a highly-respected member that the media spanning sports, including the Saints and also Pelicans through utmost professionalism for WDSU and CST," said a share statement native the Saints and also Pelicans. "Our thoughts and also prayers go out to Carley"s family members with this tragic loss.

Gayle Benson, the owner the the Saints and also Pelicans, likewise released a statement come the Advocate.

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"We are saddened come hear about the suddenly loss of Carley McCord," Benson wrote. "She was always full the life and made everyone about her smile. Her energy was contagious and also she will certainly be to let go by both our Saints and Pelicans family."

McCord additionally did freelance sports reporting for a variety of networks, including Cox sporting activities Television, ESPN3 and also WDSU new Orleans.

“We are ruined by the loss of such an exceptional talent and also valued member of our WDSU family,” stated WDSU President and also General Manager Joel Vilmenay in the station"s post regarding McCord"s death. “Carley’s passion for sports journalism and her deep expertise of Louisiana sports, indigenous high institution to the skilled ranks, do her an exceptional journalist.

"As we reflect ~ above her superior body that work, we offer our deepest condolences to her family.”

Her an initial job remained in Cleveland, Ohio, wherein she extended the Cleveland Browns. 

Two years later, the Louisiana aboriginal returned residence as a radio organize for 100.7 The Tiger and 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge.

"Cannot start to tell you exactly how saddened the Guaranty Media family members is come hear the the happen of our previous employee Carley McCord," Guaranty Media chairman Flynn Foster post to Twitter. "We space blessed come have countless connections to the Ensminger household at Guaranty. She will certainly be missed. Ours prayers are with Steve Jr and every one of the family." 

A 2007 St. Michael graduate and also Miss Louisiana runner up because that 2011 and also 2012, McCord married Steven Ensminger Jr., the child of LSU"s offensive coordinator, on January 26, 2018.

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The associated Press and also Advocate staff writer Brooks Kubena contributed to this report.