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Carlo Ponti Jr. (Conductor)

Carlo Ponti Jr.

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(born 29 December 1968)is one Italian orchestralconductorworking in theUnited States. That is the kid of late film producerCarlo Ponti Sr.and Italian actressSophia Lorenand that is the older brothers of film directorEdoardo Ponti.

Born inGeneva,Switzerland, Ponti worked at the Conductor's academy in Connecticut, under the direction ofHarold Farbermanfrom 1994–96, operated withMehli Mehta,Zubin MehtaandAndrey Boreykoin Los Angeles from 1997 come 1999 and also furthered his musical studies in Austria at the Vienna Musikhochschule indigenous 1999 to 2001 underLeopold Hagerand Erwin Acel.

He has actually guest performed internationally and also was the recipient of miscellaneous awards for fostering the growth of young music talent with music education. Ponti has actually been combine conductor of theRussian nationwide Orchestrasince 2000 and also was music director and principal conductor of theSan Bernardino Symphonyfrom 2001-12.In 2013 he established theLos Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra, an ensemble emphasizing music's educational worth of which he is artistic and music director. TheLos Angeles Virtuosi Orchestrais right now performing its fifth concert season (2019-2020) inLos Angeles,California.

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Ponti has actually released two recordings v the Russian national Orchestra ~ above the Pentatone label and also his work has been profiled through ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, Spectrum News, Fox News, Leonard Lopate, Dennis Miller,Symphony Magazineand the connected Press. His performances have also been transfer on publicly radio stations throughout the United says by American public Media'sPerformance TodayandAmerica's Music Festivalsprograms.

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