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Carl"s Jr."s Baby earlier Rib Thickburger functions charbroiled de-boned baby ago ribs covered in Cattleman"s initial BBQ Sauce, crispy onion strings, pickles, and a charbroiled beef patty top top a toasted brioche-style bun.

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I bought one v a regular single beef patty to get a far better taste of the ribs. It price me $6.49.

The ribs come in a fairly thick, almost-square form that to be just vast enough to cover the center of the burger patty, which intended the bites in ~ the edges to be bereft of any type of ribs but once you acquired past the perimeter, there to be plenty the rib meat to walk around.

The ribs were an extremely tender with a definite and also enjoyable pork flavor but not lot in the method of smokiness. Both the citizens patty and also the ribs sported a bit of char and, take away together, were an excellent for an numerous meatiness. The being said, beyond the meatiness, they weren"t all that complementary. I found myself just pulling the rib the end after a while and also eating that by itself.

The sauce didn"t fairly hit the best notes for me. It offered the standard sweet, tangy, and smoky notes however felt a tiny off and was a little too cloying.

The onion strings felt a lot favor what you"d find at a canister at the supermarket and would put on a casserole or salad. That"s no a poor thing though. They to be crispy through a slightly charred onion taste.The pickles to be a little thicker 보다 the conventional fastfood fare and contributed a kind crunch and extra little bit of salty and also sour bite.
Overall, Carl"s Jr. Baby back Rib Thickburger was pretty fine put along with some pretty good ribs ~ above it. I"m just not sure I"m encouraged I want ribs on mine burger over having actually ribs and also a burger.

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Nutritional info - Carl"s Jr. Baby ago Rib Thickburger (320g)Calories - 940 (from Fat - 430)Fat - 48g (Saturated Fat - 15g)Sodium - 1400mgCarbs - 87g (Sugar - 32g)Protein - 41g
The Turkey and Stuffing en Croute is earlier at businessman Joe"s. It sells out pretty quick if you"re feather to acquire one.
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