The fresh Prince that Bel-Air’s Carlton banks is regarded as one of television’s most beloved sitcom characters. The love for the uptight cousin of will Smith to be greatly as result of Alfonso Ribeiro’s power in the standard show. No matter the scene, Ribeiro always managed to steal the show – whether it be v his iconic dance or other silly hijinks. Details Carlton moments stick the end to specialized fans of the show. However there’s one specific scene that sticks out many for Ribeiro. Recently the America’s Funniest house Video host revealed the moment that changed his view on the "90s sitcom.

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Playing Carlton Banks enabled Alfonso Ribeiro to let go of every his inhibitions, and that flexibility led come a key memorable moment during the show’s six-year run. The Fresh Prince alum opened up around the time he and also the director collaborated on an outrageous ending:

I think the one memory that I have actually that’s the most fond was an episode wherein the end of the illustration Carlton runs through the audience and runs with the different sets. And also he gets down on his knees and also he traction himself throughout the floor and also he’s screaming the entirety time. Nobody knew that we were walk to perform that, the other actors members. I saw the director, Shelley Hanson, and also I said, ‘I desire to perform something and have part fun. It’s the end of the show. Let’s simply be silly.’ and I told that what i was going come do. I simply said, ‘Hey, put your camera here, put the camera here. And also let’s just go.’ and so the show pertained to the end and also I walk it. And also I never thought the it would ever before be aired ~ above TV.

The step in question occurred at the end of the Season 5 episode, "Will"s Misery" and still stands as one of the show"s ideal moments. The improvised moment marked the very first time Ribeiro permit his straight man schtick go for some great physical comedy. The television organize told Looper about how the scene changed his mindset about The fresh Prince:

Because that was no something the … that wasn’t within of the show. It to be an extra thing. And also then they ended up airing it. And I think it actually was a minute that changed, at least for the Carlton character. Will damaged the fourth wall a few times. Yet for my character to break the fourth wall also adjusted the way I think the audience regarded the character, viewed all of the show. … us were a performance, it to be a show. It no reality. And it to be that minute that readjusted it because that me, whereby it to be like, ‘Oh, we have the right to have some fun and also laugh and the audience can laugh v us.’

It"s interesting to hear exactly how letting walk and permitting an organic moment to happen readjusted how Alfonso Ribeiro perceived Carlton Banks. For an actor, it should be funny to it is in silly and also outlandish without worrying around how audiences might perceive you. Of course, as Ribeiro sharp out, law a sitcom prefer Fresh Prince is all about making not only the audience laugh however the cast and also crew as well, and also there"s absolutely no judgement among co-stars.

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Alfonso Ribeiro has actually come a long means in embracing the iconic character. For years, that resented Carlton until previous Dancing v the Stars organize Tom Bergeron helped him end his job slump. He even spilled about his ashamed Carlton banks audition because that the show. Yet that"s definitely change as, even now, the Carlton run conjures increase fond memories for the actor. If you desire to see an ext Ribeiro as the above character, you deserve to watch The new Prince that Bel-Air on HBO Max.