It won"t surprised you to discover that Dennis Rodman has actually some wild story up his sleeve. In episode three of The last Dance, we"re given 50 minute of pure Rodman (although the basketball legend wouldn"t begin talking until filmmakers obtained him a Subway sandwich and chamomile tea). One object that came up in that episode, and also in other moments in the series, was Rodman"s connection with Playmate and also Baywatch star Carmen Electra in the late "90s.

Electra and Rodman met a nightclub in Los Angeles, and the basketball player quickly ended up being smitten. "We exchanged numbers, and he would certainly call and call and also call," Electra said to the Chicago Sun-Times. "I wouldn"t respond. Finally, one day I choose up the phone and he invited me come come hang out v him and I went for it. I went in."

Their partnership was a big part of illustration three, and we heard all around the wild nights in las vegas to when Michael Jordan made sure his teammate made the to practice on time.

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"I remember gift in the life room, naked, in Dennis" home in Chicago," claims Electra to the connected Press. "He was really humble. He threw a mattress in prior of the couch in the life room. That"s whereby he constantly slept. That"s where I slept together well. Us were both naked, actually, when there"s a knock in ~ the door, Dennis jumps up, ns don"t recognize if that answered the door naked or not, ns can"t remember that component because i was hiding. He simply turned approximately to me and said," It"s Michael Jordan. I"ve obtained to walk practice.""

The crazy stories don"t stop there. In one interview with The Los Angeles Times, Electra spilled the Rodman had a "sweet romantic side" and also liked to surprise her.


"One day when the Bulls had an turn off day indigenous practicing, Dennis claimed he had a surprise for me," she in-depth to The Los Angeles Times. "He blindfolds me, and we gain on his motorcycle. As soon as he lastly takes mine blindfold off, we"re standing at the Bulls" exercise facility, center court. It to be crazy, prefer two youngsters in a candy store. We were eat popsicles indigenous the fridge and also pretty much having actually sex anywhere the cursed place—in the physical treatment room, in the weight room. Clearly on the court. To be honest, ns don"t think he"s ever resolved so tough in his life." So, like, the most normal date of all time?

The pair to be so enamored with each various other that they, like countless of our favourite celebrity couples, gained hitched in ras Vegas. Top top November 14, 1998, Rodman and Electra eloped in ~ Chapel that the Flowers, only to file for annulment ripe days later. They reconciled but ultimately divorced in April the 1999.

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"I was so honored to see them play," Electra says around that last championship season. "There"s simply no native for the era. Over there will never ever be an additional one favor it."

Today, the pair don"t speak often, regardless of having the exact same agent. The documentary has reminded Electra what a distinct time the was, she says. "Yes, we had a blast and also this wild love, yet we had a lot of of hard times, too. A many struggles," she claimed to the Associated Press. "No matter what, I"ll always wish the the best."

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