Actress Vanessa Marcil was no to be outdone by her ex Brian Austin Green and also Megan Fox, through whom the previous 90210 star newly tied the knot.

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She got remarried too!


A rep for the actress confirms come E! News the Marcil bound the knot with CSI: NY star Carmine Giovinazzo end the weekend. Congratulations come both!

Last weekend was supposedly the weekend of an option for weddings.

"They room married," stated a rep because that Marcil, that was additionally married come Corey Feldman earlier in life. Yet the actress has actually only one son, and it"s v Green.

Speaking the which, eight-year-old Kassius attend the wedding, bearing witness to one of his parents" marriages for the 2nd time in under a month.

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That"s gotta be weird!

Marcil and also Giovinazzo swapped vow in brand-new York on Sunday night through family and also friends. No exes or your superstar new wives present. Walk figure.

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