Carmine’s reopens that is D.C. Restaurant Wednesday, 15 month after closing at the start of the pandemic.

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Carmine’s is well-known for that family-style platters piled high with southern Italian meatballs, pasta, and also other dishes.

Carmine’s is well-known for its family-style platters piled high with southerly Italian meatballs, pasta, and also other dishes.


Carmine’s reopens that is D.C. Restaurant Wednesday, 15 month after closing at the onset of the pandemic.

The penn Quarter outpost of new York City’s Carmine’s, well-known for that is family-style platters piled high with southern Italian meatballs, pasta, and also other dishes, closed totally in march 2020.

The 20,000-square-foot restaurant, at 425 7th Street NW near capital One Arena, seats 750 and also has nine personal dining rooms with private spaces that deserve to accommodate as much as 400 guests, making the the biggest restaurant in D.C. That is additionally one that the top-billing restaurants in D.C. Because that sales.

Unlike many other restaurants in the D.C. Area, Carmine’s made decision not it is in be open up for business with capacity constraints last year, mostly since of its penn Quarter location, and because that its thin size.

“The museums no open, the hotel occupancies were incredibly low. For united state to bring earlier 150 (employees) with the price for labor and also all that to serve probably 100 civilization or 200 world a night wouldn’t have actually made sense. The would have put united state out of business,” said CEO Jeff Bank, that co-owns the Carmine’s restaurants through Alice Cutler, the widow the Carmine’s founder Artie Cutler.

“Also remember, the city was at 25% occupancy, and then that swapped top top a dime. For united state to hire, retrain and get everything earlier to going, we can’t just open the following day. The does take it time to open a 20,000-square-foot restaurant through 750 seats. It doesn’t occur in a moment,” financial institution said.

When the pandemic hit, Carmine’s laid turn off a full of 1,300 employees, consisting of 150 at its D.C. Location. About 70% that employees currently restaffed at the penn Quarter restaurant are original employees that have actually returned.

On a usual day, Carmine’s in D.C. Serves anywhere from 1,200 come 2,800 people. So just how do girlfriend prepare come reopen such a large restaurant?

“We’ve been below for around two weeks. We’ve to be doing cooking and prepping and practicing, and also doing role play v the waiters. Everybody has actually been dusting off and getting ready,” financial institution said.

The initial Carmine’s opened up in Manhattan’s top West side in 1990. There are currently two Carmine’s in new York City, consisting of the still-closed times Square place — the second-highest grossing restaurant in the U.S. In 2019. Carmine’s likewise has outposts in Atlantic City, ras Vegas and the Bahamas.

Carmine’s opened up its D.C. Place in 2010.

“It’s a good mixture the business, locals and also tourists and that’s what us need. Carmine’s is a high-volume restaurant. It’s reasonably priced, however we offer a the majority of people. D.C. Strikes the ideal mix. We have to be in a high-volume location,” financial institution said.

With such a big staff in ~ its restaurants, many of castle servers, Bank additionally weighed in on the recurring debate about eliminating server gratuities, and also raising salaries for waiters and also waitresses, and raising menu prices come cover greater labor costs. The favors customer tipping.

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“Waiters can acquire a possibility to make a lot of money. Several of our waiters deserve to make almost everywhere from $60,000 to $85,000 a year. If they were making $20 or $25 one hour there is no tips, they i will not ~ be making that sort of money. Tips permit people to make a very an excellent living in a flexible change atmosphere, several of them working less than 40 hrs are make that sort of money. Ns think the tipping model works an extremely well,” financial institution said.