Carnival Cruise Line has announced that the current room service menu is changing. Totally free options will certainly no longer be accessible apart native breakfast starting from mid-January 2019.

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Carnival Removes free Room Service

Carnival has decided to do a large change to the room business menu throughout the whole fleet. Indigenous mid-January, a new menu will begin to role out and once that does guests will need to pay for every little thing apart native breakfast.

The brand-new a la carte room business menu will have straightforward charges varying from $2 to $5 per item. The fees will apply to lunch, dinner and late-night items. You deserve to take a look in ~ the brand-new menu below:

Image By: Carnival Cruise Line

Enjoying breakfast while enjoying stunning ocean views from the balcony is still crucial to Carnival so the continental breakfast option will continue to it is in complimentary. It will certainly be the only free option top top the new menu i m sorry will quickly be on all Carnival cruise ships beginning from the center of this month.

The cruise line is advertise on reducing food waste i m sorry is the key reason for presenting the brand-new a la carte menu. This will certainly hopefully avoid guests from over ordering and also leaving behind leftovers. It will also help reduce in its entirety food usage onboard.

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Currently, guests have the right to enjoy a menu which supplies a range of totally free items and also items through a small charge. Native 6:00 am to 10:00 afternoon the food selection offer a range of salads, sandwiches, and also desserts which are complimentary. Native 10:00 afternoon to 6:00 to be the menu currently has a wide range of items for a fee varying from $2 come $6. The complimentary continental breakfast is available between 5:00 to be to 10:00 AM.