Carnival Cruise line is the biggest cruise line in the world. Though every of your 23 ships space unique, they’re all loved for your easygoing atmosphere and endless fun aboard. Trying come decide between Carnival cruises from harbor Canaveral to publication for your next vacation? Compare harbor Canaveral’s top 3 Carnival cruise ships here:

1. Carnival Mardi Gras

Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

The Mardi Gras is Carnival’s newest and also biggest cruise ship however — v a volume of as much as 6,500 passengers! Her size is so cool that port Canaveral built a two-story cruise terminal come prepare for her inaugural sailing in February 2021. Though the Mardi Gras’ surname is a tribute to Carnival’s an initial ship, she nothing choose the remainder of she fleet. She one-of-a-kind attributes have collection an entirely brand-new standard of creation for cruises come come, beginning with her eco-friendly fuel different known together liquefied herbal gas.

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With six initial themed area that pay homage to brand-new Orleans, Italy, and also summertime festivities, cruising on the Mardi Gras is like a holidays within a vacation. When it comes to special tasks onboard, friend won’t desire to miss BOLT, the an initial ever roller coaster at sea! however if zooming above the optimal deck at speed of approximately 40mph isn’t your thing, probably a round of household Feud Live is. This is an additional Carnival first, offering guests the possibility to walk head come head in a version of America’s most iconic video game show.

Celebrity chefs have met their complement with Mardi Gras. Onboard you’ll find the debut of Emeril Lagasse’s new Orleans influenced restaurant, Emeril’s Bistro 1396, as well as Shaq’s chicken joint as necessary named large Chicken. Nothing forget around Guy Fieri’s BBQ spot, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse, where you’ll discover craft beers emerged by Carnival’s own brewmaster and also made ideal on the ship! with the Mardi Gras’ 6-9 day voyages, you’ll have actually plenty of time to shot them all.

If you’d like to splurge and also experience Carnival’s most anticipated ship, ideal for week-long cruises come celebrate any type of special chance — treat you yourself to a Mardi Gras cruise today! when you’ve booked her cruise, don’t forget to reserve the ideal hotel packages, transportation, and also parking for Carnival Cruises from port Canaveral on the Mardi Gras here.

2. Carnival Breeze

Photo through Fincantieri

Considered to be the ultimate household cruise, the Breeze made waves as soon as she joined Carnival’s fleet in 2012. This mega ship is able to accommodate approximately 4,891 passengers at best capacity and reigns popular among cruisers in phibìc America for 6-9 work voyages. In 2017, the Breeze was refurbished to incorporate Carnival’s recent eateries and cosmetic updates, enabling her to remain a fan-favorite.

Cruising top top the Breeze is definitely a breeze. Acquire swept away through endless tasks like multidimensional movies at the Thrill Theater, funny in the sun at the ropes course and water park, and Carnival’s Lip Sync battle competition!

When it pertains to casual dining, Carnival Breeze take away the cake. Enjoy crowd-pleasers such as the well known Guy’s burgess Joint, Seafood Shack, and Bonsai Sushi. For those seek a once-in-a-lifetime dinner experience, The Chef’s Table spoils guests with a multicourse meal hosted by the understand Executive Chef.

If you’re looking to have actually a week-long blast ~ above a popular and also energetic ship, book your Carnival Breeze vacation today! once you’ve booked your cruise, don’t forget to reserve the finest hotel packages, transportation, and also parking because that Carnival Cruises from harbor Canaveral on the Breeze here.

3. Carnival Liberty

Photo by talking Cruise

The 3,756 passenger Carnival Liberty may be slightly smaller sized than the Breeze, but she’s certainly just as fun! due to the fact that launching in 2005 with Carnival’s an initial Seaside Theater, the Liberty has been right for affordable 3-4 work getaways come the Bahamas. Her roomy cabins and also recent overhaul has kept Carnival cruisers coming earlier for more.

There’s many of activities for all periods aboard the Liberty. Highlights include cracking jokes in ~ the Punchliner Comedy Club, playing larger-than-life execution of her favorite board gamings on stage with Hasbro The video game Show, and also catching a video game over brews in ~ the SkyBox sports Bar. For the kids and also kids at heart, mini golf, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and also the Dr. Seuss at Sea parade and also character breakfast produce lasting memories.

The Liberty additionally offers many of Carnival’s signature dining options, like tacos and burritos at BlueIguana Cantina, hand-crafted sandwiches and wraps at the Carnival Deli, and also of course the lover Guy’s citizens Joint for the ideal burgers in ~ sea. Guests in search of an elegant and also intimate dinner deserve to take full benefit of Carnival’s signature Steakhouse, offer a full an option of gourmet creations.

If you’re trying to find a shorter and budget-friendly cruise ~ above a smaller interesting ship, book your vacation on the Carnival Liberty today prior to she will capacity! once you’ve booked her cruise, nothing forget come reserve the best hotel packages, transportation, and parking for Carnival Cruises from harbor Canaveral on the Liberty here.

Travel Tips because that Carnival Cruises from port Canaveral

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