Various seasonal cruise ships depart indigenous Norfolk, Virginia. As a cruise port, Norfolk is the departure allude for Carnival cruise ships cruising to the the Bahamas, Bermuda or the Caribbean islands. However, please be aware that just a few select dates are accessible for cruises indigenous Norfolk. Through that said, it"s advised to check accessibility and reserve her cruise from Norfolk as soon as possible considering the minimal amount of sailings obtainable from this cruise port.

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Although Norfolk is a renowned “drive to” port, if you must fly right into the area the cruise delivery dock isn’t far from Norfolk worldwide Airport (ORF). The takes about 20 minutes for a taxi to drive the 10 mile to Nauticus in Norfolk, wherein the cruise terminal is located. The journey is metered and costs around $20.

Cruise passengers that drive come the pier have the right to park at the Cedar Grove parking lot situated in downtown Norfolk. The is said that you an initial drop off her luggage with a porter at the terminal before proceeding come parking. The parking fees is $15 per night, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash and also Travelers Checks are accepted), and no reservation is necessary. Cost-free shuttles are accessible to get you ago to the pier.

Pre and Post Cruise alternatives from Norfolk

Deciding to spend extr time in Virginia prior to or after ~ a cruise is a good way to prolong your vacation! whether you stay in Norfolk or venture a little bit further, you have actually a myriad the vacation options that room perfect because that the entire family.

Nauticus in Norfolk: This complex, which additionally includes the cruise ship dock, is specialized to Norfolk naval history. The Battleship Wisconsin is permanently docked here and also open because that tours. She was commissioned in 1944 and also immediately reported because that duty in the Pacific during WWII, and seeing action in the korean War and also Operation Dessert Storm. There is additionally a maritime-themed science facility for children with an aquarium, hands-on exhibits, interactive theaters, and also a variety of educational programs.

Virginia Beach: The expectations of white sandy beach goes on further than the eye can see! It’s flanked through a 3 mile long boardwalk that is dotted with family friendly attractions however the highlight for youngsters of all eras is the amusement park. There room plenty of ocean front many hotels to choose from and wonderful shops and restaurants.

Colonial Williamsburg: Step back in time; the 18thcentury to it is in exact, and learn just how Williamsburg played a major role in the American Revolution. Stroll through a recreated city of homes, shops, and also public buildings. There are re-enactments, demonstrations, lectures, theater, and also so much more! Be certain to leaving time for a visit to Yorktown and also the james town settlement.

Busch Gardens: Not a garden at all, however an amusement park split into seven sections, each themed to a various European country. Many thrill rides, shows, restaurants and shops, it’s among the ideal parks in this country.

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Water country USA: Nothing goes better on a hot and humid summer day than a water park! Water nation USA has actually over 30 rides and attractions to save you cool. New for 2011 is “Vanish Point”, a 75 foot fall slide! Of food if you’re chicken, there’s the relaxing lazy river!

For more information top top cruises native Norfolk, call Direct line Cruises at 1-800-352-8088.