If friend are among the numerous cruise fans eager to get earlier on a cruise ship, imperial Caribbean is now taking volunteers who want to sign up for test cruises.

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Updated may 28, 2021

After a mainly of speculation, royal Caribbean posted on society media a connect for everyone interested in signing up to be a volunteer top top a check cruise.

The cruise line has a type set up because that adults only (18 year or older) come enter basic information about themselves.


You have the right to sign up to be a cruise volunteer here!

Royal Caribbean post in its new Facebook team that the cruise heat has received an ext than 3,000 emails, not consisting of the tweets, comments, and also messages across our social networks with interest in signing up because that test cruises.

While royal Caribbean is working with the CDC come determine exactly how the test sailings will operate, lock have made decision to begin gathering details from those who have displayed interest.

It’s time come get earlier to adventure. ☀️You read that right. We’re trying to find guests who want to it is in the an initial back at sea. Desire to find out more? check out: https://t.co/mytdQJEyvn pic.twitter.com/pebsi1jLRP

— imperial Caribbean (
RoyalCaribbean) November 12, 2020

What is a check cruise?


Before royal Caribbean can restart continual sailings, it needs to prove its brand-new health protocols work.

One that the significant steps involved in demonstrating the brand-new rules and regulations have the right to work safely is to operate a series of test sailings wherein volunteers are offered on choose cruise pearl in order come practice all of the new tasks.

It is no clear however when precisely Royal Caribbean may begin test sailings, yet it has been hinted lock could start as soon as this summer.

A simulated voyage must fulfill the complying with requirements:

Volunteer passengers are to it is in told in writing of the "inherently risky activity" of your test cruising with untested health and also safety protocols.All volunteer passengers must be at the very least eighteen years old or older.All volunteer passenger must have a created certification indigenous a medical care provider that they have no pre-existing medical conditions .Royal Caribbean must conduct any simulation top top a consensual basis and also not as a condition of employment or in exchange for consideration or future reward. Royal Caribbean must embark additional crew members past safe minimum manning levels only as determined through CDC technical instructions or orders. The cruise delivery operator should design and also conduct a simulated trip insofar as practicable to test the efficacy that the cruise ship operator’s ability to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 onboard the cruise ship.The cruise ship operator need to conduct a monitored observation duration and laboratory testing of volunteer passengers, as directed in CDC technological instructions or orders, former to embarking volunteer passenger on a simulated voyage.

What volunteers might need to do


Volunteering for a test cruise does median getting back onboard a cruise ship, yet you should expect a many of tasks as component of the process.

The U.S. Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention (CDC) has noted a collection of important tasks that need to be perfect by all volunteers on any type of test cruise.

All volunteer passengers and crew members must follow testing protocols, which include rapid trial and error prior come both embarkation and disembarkation.

Simulated sailings will need to fulfill CDC expectations because that certification, which contains passengers attract masks, wash and sanitize hands, and practice society distancing. 

During the test cruise, the following tasks must be simulated:

embarkation and also disembarkation procedures, including terminal check-in, on board activities, including at dining and entertainment venues,private island shore excursions (if a harbor is visited)evacuation procedures,transfer that symptomatic passenger or crew, or those that test positive for SARSCoV-2, indigenous cabins to isolation rooms,quarantine the all continuing to be passengers and non-essential crew, andother tasks as may be detailed in CDC technical instructions and also orders.

Royal Caribbean should modify enjoy the meal service and entertainment venues to facilitate society distancing throughout the simulated voyage.

Can ns volunteer because that the flexibility of the Seas test cruises?


Theoretically, yes, you have the right to sign up for this (and any kind of test cruise) through filling out the volunteer form as soon as possible.

Royal Caribbean has not claimed if/when/how the will choose volunteers indigenous the swimming pool of public signups, however this is the only option current obtainable to be placed on any kind of kind that a list.

You merely need to it is in at the very least 18 years old, and provide your name, phone call number and email address and agree to obtain promotional product to participate.

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Royal Caribbean is tho determining just how it will certainly pick volunteers, and what the process will it is in like. Keep in mind there will certainly many more test cruises, in addition to liberty of the Seas.