The Carol Burnett present 50th Anniversary Special commemorates five decades because The Carol Burnett Show premiered on CBS. The network transfer this valentine come the present on Sunday, December 3, 2017, attracting 15.4 million viewers. Taped at its initial soundstage at television City in Los Angeles, the special has a homey feel with Carol, original cast members Vicki Lawrence and also Lyle Waggoner, costume designer Bob Mackie, and special guests Jay Leno, mrs Lynch, Steve Martin, Maya Rudolph, martin Short, and Amy Poehler sitting on a couch and also sharing their memories. A liberal help of original clips has the Gone v the Wind spoof, The Dentist through Harvey Korman and Tim Conway, and also selections indigenous the Tudball & Wiggins and also the household running skits.

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Steven Colbert opens up the show, adhered to by the old CBS color logo. Carol Burnett walk a short Q & A with the audience, simply the method she did at the opened of the initial shows, only this time the questioners include Pat Boone and also Tom Selleck. Then she announces, “We’re gonna crack open the time capsule.” She and also her guest do just that, reminiscing nostalgically about the long-running variety show.

Jim Carrey relives the thrill he felt once he received a reply to his fan letter come the show. Colbert, Kristin Chenowith, Bernadette Peters, and Steve Lawrence join Carol in a new musical number. Invoice Hader, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Steve Carell, and also Tracie Ellis Ross shot out Carol’s famous Tarzan yell, and the regime concludes v Harry Connick, Jr. And also Carol performing the show’s template song, I’m So glad We had actually This Time Together.

Back in the 1960s, CBS asked Burnett to do a sitcom however she desired a variety format where she can play different characters each week v a continuous ensemble cast, together she had actually done efficiently on The Garry Moore Show a couple of years earlier. Initial regulars had Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and also Lyle Waggoner. Frequent guest star Tim Conway would end up being a regular cast member in Season 8. Each week’s display was videotaped twice in front of various audiences and the ideal parts from every taping to be edited together. Premiering in the fall of 1967, the show ran because that 11 seasons.

The clips chosen have been shown often in TV reruns, ahead retrospectives that The Carol Burnett Show, and also in miscellaneous Time Life DVD collections, and also the testimonials wear thin after a while. The preponderance that guest stars – numerous of who seem liked for their name value alone – is unnecessary filler. That would have actually been nice if Ms. Burnett had related more never-before-heard backstage anecdotes. Still, the routine is entertaining.

The DVD release contains two audio options, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. There is an option for optional English subtitles. Picture varies between widescreen because that the new footage and1.33:1 because that the vintage clips. Though the original clips lack the high quality of the more recent HD sections, lock are reasonably sharp, through clear audio.

Bonus materials encompass red carpet footage, commercial rest banter, anniversary message to Carol, and also a 12-page commemorative booklet.

Red Carpet Love – Celebrities including Lyle Waggoner, Bernadette Peters, Jim Carrey, invoice Hader, Vicki Lawrence, take care of Connick, Jr., Maya Rudolph, mrs Lynch, Jay Leno, and also Martin quick gush over their affection for Burnett and also the groundbreaking The Carol Burnett Show.

Commercial break Banter – Carol chats with the audience, warmly greets dancers indigenous the original display in the audience, discusses the impossibility of doing a range show prefer The Carol Burnett Show today, talks around CBS no wanting she to hire non-professional Vicki Lawrence, and also discusses the only time the CBS censors stepped in to nix a gag.

Anniversary messages to Carol – These space unscripted backstage mini-tributes by well known entertainers come Carol and the regime that inspired many of them. Ellen Degeneres, Steve Carell, Lily Tomlin, Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Kimmel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julie Andrews, and Emma Stone, among others, market heartfelt accolades.

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Booklet – In addition to a an individual message indigenous Carol, the booklet has several color photos yet none from the initial show. Price quotes from celebrities appear throughout. There is no information around the show’s history.

- Dennis Seuling


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